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An ‘Incredible’ history of Brad Bird movies

In his video blog this week, film critic Eric Melin discusses the interesting history of animation-turned-live-action director Brad Bird ("The Incredibles," "Ratatouille," "Mission Impossible: Ghost ...


‘Tomorrowland’ too much of a good thing

“It’s hard to have ideas, and it’s easy to give up.” Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), a NASA-loving, teenaged girl says this to her little brother ...


Entertainment Weekly calls Kawehi a DIY megastar

Been workin' on new videos all day...looking forward to some wine and grub. If you're ever in Lawrence, KS and wondering where I am around dinnertime - just look for a place called @715restaurant. That is all. Happy Thursday!!

We here at headquarters have been fans of Lawrence's resident DIY, one-woman electronic band Kawehi for some time now, and we're not alone. With ...


Weekend Picks: Lawrence Public Library’s 780s Series; Comedy Freakout; free outdoor country music concert; M@ssholes trivia; air guitar in KC

This appears to be a relatively low-key holiday weekend in LFK, nestled between the chaos of last week's KU graduation and the certain madness of ...


Wandering Lake explores the unorthodox side of live performances

Inside Brian Kupillas is a swirling storm of extremes. On one end of his musical spectrum in Wandering Lake, he is a gentle guitar-plucking folk ...


Roasted vegetable pizza a quick dinner solution

Shaved Asparagus and Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Pizza is a fallback dinner at our house. When the cupboard is bare, I can still almost always pull together some sort of pizza-like concoction ...


Springtime is busker season in downtown Lawrence

You couldn't have painted a prettier sky than what popped up on Friday evening. The rain clouds moved out and were hanging around in front ...


La Prima Tazza celebrates 25th birthday with special deals

One of La Prima Tazza's coffee offerings

As I've made everyone in the newsroom — and the Journal-World's online readership — aware, I don't drink coffee. But I know plenty of you ...


‘Mad Max’ reaches a new level of inspired lunacy

A caravan of paint-sniffing albino “war boys” with sunken eyes and scars around their lips race down a dirt road in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland. ...


What Mad Max has in common with a talking pig

What does a frenetic post-apocalyptic action film have in common with a family film about a talking pig? Critic Eric Melin breaks down the similarities ...


Toughies are your smooth summer sound makers

If they play their cards right, Toughies could be the source of your lazy summer tunes in LFK this year. After several nonstop days saturated ...


Weekend Picks: Earthquake relief concerts, Patrick Duegaw art opening, Spring Into Summer Fest, Heidi Gluck EP release party, New Band Alert: Clowder

It's graduation weekend for KU students, a time in which many scenesters stock up on groceries and batten down the hatches at home to avoid ...


Taco Zone opens new restaurant location downtown

From left, a torta with roasted pork and a variety of tacos are pictured at Taco Zone at 13 E. Eighth St.

Just in time to appease the Taco Tuesday masses, Taco Zone has opened its new restaurant space at 13 E. Eighth St. in downtown Lawrence. ...

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Replay crowd dances in the rain on Mother’s Day

The Replay was rainy and very wet on Mother's Day, but it wasn't going to stop folk fans from dancing outside. So as the music ...


I totally support their avenging: In defense of ‘Age of Ultron’

Since the release of the hotly anticipated “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” there has been an explosion of heated opinions on blogs and social media about ...


‘Wild Tales’ greater than the sum of its parts; dogs have their day in ‘White God’

One of the fundamental pleasures of good storytelling is the thrill of being able to live vicariously through the actions of others. This is especially ...


Critic’s Picks: Kurt Cobain documentary among May’s can’t-miss streaming titles

Film critic Eric Melin recommends titles coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime and the new HBO Now streaming services this month. On HBO Now On Amazon ...


Weekend Picks: Stop Day Matinee, The Ants record release, Mother’s Day Gospel Fest, farewell to the Jaybowl, and a Nerd Nite bonus pick

This weekend is a little less jam-packed than recent festival-filled weekends, but the following options offer a diverse set of opportunities. From raunchy doo-wop to ...


Library launches the Lawrence Music Project

Songs and albums by local musicians can be downloaded by members of the Lawrence Public Library at

If you go to the library, you can check out a book. So it makes sense that in a town like Lawrence, you can use ...


Hasselback potatoes not much hassle at all

Compound butter-infused Baked Potatoes

Steak night at our house is a big affair and we don't like to mess around. We want all the sides and fixin's, and we ...