Extra Green For Your Week Vol. 2

Green your house or get raided by the copsNew technology can be good and new technology can be bad. This story is an example of rather overzealous use of technology. Police in Great Britain were using a helicopter to search a neighborhood using infrared cameras and discovered what they thought was a marijuana growing operation. Fluorescent bulbs are used in growing operations and their extensive use produces a bright white light on an infrared camera, which tips off police.Now, if ever there was a good reason to evaluate your home energy consumption, this just might be it. [The police were alerted in this case because of a combination of excessive energy use and poor insulation.][1] When police raided the house, they discovered it was owned by a fellow police officer. No drugs were found.Aquaphobia (or at least fear of using too much)It can be difficult to wrap your mind around the fact that more than one billion people on the planet that do not have access to clean drinking water. So it is somewhat chilling to consider these other facts about our water consumption in the United States, including that ["many people in the world exist on 3 gallons of water per day or less. We can use that amount in one flush of the toilet."][2]Global Warming 1958"Man may be unwittingly changing the world's climate through the waste products of his civilization. Due to our release through factories and automobiles every year of more than six billion tons of carbon dioxide:our atmosphere seems to be getting warmer." Another apocalyptic scientist trying to scare everyone into submission? Maybe. But [he did say it in 1958.][3] This video was part of a science series produced in the 1950s to better explain science. Seems climate change was big then too. See it for yourself: Cities Go GreenGreat site on how [cities and local governments can promote sustainability initiatives,][4] even with budget constraints."The cleanest scooter is still dirtier than a car"For those of you fortunate enough to not own a car these days, this just a reminder that gas is $3.65 a gallon in town and has been over $4. For everyone else, [mopeds are looking more enticing by the day.][5] My wife and I just bought one (85 miles per gallon)![][6] and the dealer said he has been selling six per day on average. But I never considered that despite the great fuel economy, that [mopeds may actually contribute far more pollution to our skies than any car, truck, van or SUV.][7]NASCARJust another reminder that despite what your favorite political candidates may or may not be saying about how to conserve fuel, [NASCAR is in favor of properly inflating your tires.][8] Safer too.Eat Local ChallengeI get pretty sick of my diet from time to time, so I am pretty excited now that my garden is in full blown (we have 33 tomatoes, [despite what the LJ World says][9]), Japanese and American eggplant, multiple varieties of peppers and even some healthy looking celery (we'll see if it lasts). Even if you don't have a garden, don't miss the ["Eat Local Challenge,"][10] sponsored in part by [The Merc][11]. Also, if you haven't checked out the [green section in the LJ World,][12] they have some good stuff.Everything is organic, nothing is organicSpeaking of local and organic, if you are concerned about the recent outbreak of salmonella outbreaks and think that moving to organic food may alleviate your fears, [new concerns have arisen over the labeling of organic food.][13] Fifteen out of thirty recently audited USDA-accredited organic certification organizations were put on probation for questionable certification practices. Some of the biggest concerns were from food imported from China, which does not permit foreigners to inspect Chinese farms. Is the extra dollar for organic worth it?More Air Pollution at the OlympicsWill it ever end? Apparently not. After four cyclists on the U.S. Olympic squad were forced to apologize for wearing masks to protect themselves from the pollution, masks that were designed and distributed by the U.S. Olympic Committee, NPR reminds us that the Chinese consider carbon emissions in the air under 100 parts per million as safe (Beijing recently measured 80 parts per million) whereas safe levels in the U.S. are considered to be under 25 parts per million. What is possibly that most unique step the Chinese are taking to reduce pollution? [Seeding clouds to encourage rain to clear the skies.][14] This satellite picture provides a glimpse of the pollution over eastern China.![][15]Strike Out ExxonFinally, Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals are proud to proclaim their new stadium the first in the country to be LEED Silver Certified. But a group of DC-area fans are not thrilled with the [stadium partnership with Exxon-Mobil,][16] obviously not only one of the worst polluters on the planet but which also profits handsomely specifically from said pollution. [1]: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2474184/Poor-insulation-led-to-drugs-raid-on-police-officers-home.html [2]: http://www.chelseagreen.com/content/index.php?p=1254/ [3]: http://www.enviroblog.org/2008/07/dr-research-explains-it-all-in.htm [4]: http://citiesgogreen.com/ [5]: http://www.ksnt.com/home/ticker/25447969.html [6]: http://www.motorcycle.com/specs/sites/mot/images/data/normal/2007_Schwinn_Graduate_150.jpg [7]: http://www.idahostatesman.com/102/story/463709.html/ [8]: http://www.nascar.com/2006/auto/07/25/tires/ [9]: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2008/jul... [10]: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2008/aug... [11]: http://www.communitymercantile.com/ [12]: http://www.ljworld.com/green/ [13]: http://www.alternet.org/environment/94146/is_your_organic_food_really_organic/ [14]: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93341406 [15]: http://veimages.gsfc.nasa.gov/1036/S1999324040624_md.jpg [16]: http://strikeoutexxon.org/


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