Forty miles west of Kansas City down a country road like a lonely soul-I see Sharon and I see Jack it's me and Roman dressed in black tell my bride to bury me in Stull: _ - Urge Overkill, "Stull (Pt. 1)" from the Chicago band's 1992 "Stull" EP "If you want to hear the legends of Stull, ask a college freshman. When you grow up here, this Stull stuff is such bullshit you don't even pay attention to it." -- Chris Lazzarino, lifelong Lawrence resident.

**The _real_ gateway to hell** A friend of mine first got me thinking about "the Stull thing." She and her family have lived on land just outside of Stull for 13 years. She was the first person who told me of _Old_ Stull Cemetery, "the real gateway" (the one pictured above, vs. the familiar one below).

"The one in town isn't the right one," she told me. "The old cemetery has the pentagram. Five cedar trees were planted in the cemetery -- they marked the points of the pentagram. I think there are only two cedar trees there now."

![][2]You mean all this time, all those frat boys and goths and reporters were going to the wrong cemetery? You mean the cemetery with the fence around it, the one marked with 'No Trespassing" signs, the one with the limestone chapel that was vandalized and eventually knocked down... you mean, all this was inflicted on an innocent place of repose for souls' mortal remains?

Could it be that for at least 30 years, the mythology surrounding 'Stull' was popularly focused on the wrong cemetery in Stull? A pretty devilish prank, if you think about it.

This blog is a work-in-progress -- updates and revelations will be posted as they turn up. And as always we are counting on you, dear readers, to tell us what's really going on. Tell us anything you have heard or know about Stull mythology...

**We're off to see the devil (notes)** Old Stull Cemetery lies less than a few miles from the cemetary in Stull proper. (Lest this article be responsible for a new batch of vandalism, we're not publishing the exact location for the time being).

A few of the gravestones were illegible: winter, wind, rain and lichen. The earliest legible stone (no last names), read "Louisa 1866."

Of the nearly 40 stones I counted, 20 were the headstones of infants. Some were marked "Baby," some marked "Infant Dau" or "Infant Son." Some had no names, or only initials ("P"). All were marked by tiny stones.

The adults were remarkably long-lived, many over 80 (dates noted are dates of death): Louisa 1866 Richard 1881 Hermina 1898 Ralph 1910 Lettie 1903 Infant Dau 1900 Infant Son 1893 Ida 1891 Rose 1968 Mabel Irene 1999

Based on Louisa's death date and the few other illegible stones, I figured that the cemetery was established around 1850. There were two new occupants of Old Stull Cemetery since the '30s.

![][3] Most of the fallen markers seem to be victims of time and weather. Interestingly, too, many of the fallen markers had an image of a hand pointing upward, while none of the markers still standing had such imagery. A few stones seemed to be moved or taken.

**Portals to Hell** I have no idea what a portal to Hell should look like, other than maybe like Las Vegas.

The thicket surrounding the old cemetery is dotted with wild eastern cedars, but only two old cedars still stand on the humble lawn of repose.

Apparently, all portals to Hell are marked by a pentagram visible only to the evil elite. When mere and bovine mortals (us, the prey), cross the invisible lines of a profane pentagram, it's said that we feel a sharp drop in temperature, a sudden chill.

My thermometer held steady at 60 degrees during 10 minutes of perimeter patrol, then five minutes of grid-walking.

**Stull Cemetery Lore** - In a 1995 trip to Colorado, the Pope redirects the flight path of his private plane to avoid flying over the unholy ground of Stull Cemetery. - Reports of abundant paranormal phenomena from residents in the town: raps and banging; voices-often reported to be the voice of an old woman; weird clocks and indoor windstorms; ghostly children playing at night in the cemetery; time shifts and discrepancies, inexplicable loss of memory and disorientation. - Legend has it that the devil returns to Stull Cemetery -- only on the Spring Equinox and on Halloween (his busiest night) -- because one of his wives is buried there. Another rumor holds that the devil returns to Stull to visit the gravesite of his infant son.

**Links** [Stull Cemetery][4] [Cemetery Gateway to Hell?][5] [Stull Cemetery Investigation][6] [Your Prayers Have Been Answered][7] [Old Kansas, New Mystery][8] [Cemetery Remains Quiet During Halloween Night; LJ World 1989][9] [Century Old Tree Comes Down In Stull Landmark; LJ World 1998][10] [Creepy Legends Bring Curious To Stull; LJ World 1999][11] [Legends Linger Around Stull Cemetery; LJ World 1999][12]

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muzikjunky666 17 years, 4 months ago

for one thing the article was had some bs in it. tom king should have had his friend take him to the real one just behind the one in the pics it was burned along time ago.the people around there are very protective of it.ive lived here for over 30 yrs.the" banging noises" is bs. theres books written about it.its not a story, its fact, its just not the story by tom.ask your friend to tell you about elizabeth.if that name doesnt ring a bell then she knows nothing of the real story ask her about the real story.i did alot of research on it through the years.your story isnt even close....

Rum 17 years, 8 months ago

Since the author wouldn't tell us where the real cemetery is, I searched topographical maps of the county. There is a cemetery not far away labeled as Mound Cemetery. It's about two miles South of the highway. If you plan to visit, look up Stull, KS on mapquest then scroll south about 2 miles. The cemetery should be at the intersection of 1023 and 1400. Let me know if I'm right.

lazz 17 years, 8 months ago

wasn't overrated then and isn't overrated (by much) now. i was just bein' an ornery wisea--. hey, maybe i could run for pres ...

lazz 17 years, 8 months ago

the antichrist family! thanks for the tomatos ...

shawn 17 years, 5 months ago

It would never rain inside the chruch of Stull Kansas

FouMar 17 years, 8 months ago

Sorry n00bsters but there are some real spooky and unexplained phenomenon that were extremely unusual,apparent to the senses and scientifically observed at Stull Kansas.... A large 3.5 ft radius pumpkin with a large candle in it that would not stay lit in the doorway of the old church,with no wind. Matches would stay lit in the doorway so no draft, the candle would light and stay lit when put into the pumpkin, but when the pumpkin was put in the doorway...the candle would go out and would not stay lit!!
Also a grave ,S.E. & near the first old tree in the cemetary, that purportedly sent some kind of weird energy up through the legs of two people. For REAL!

Carmenilla 17 years, 8 months ago

It wasn't always overrated, lazz. Remember SUA and the Outhouse? Those were the days. Stull will always be a place of warped dreams for me as I was once stranded there and had to walk back home. Talk about Hell! Anyway, I miss Lucifer's and the church rubble of Stull. Where else can I praise Satan?

Aufbrezeln Eschaton 17 years, 8 months ago

Popular rumor among Hashies when I was there was that Stull was the reason the Cure refused to play in Kansas.

lazz 17 years, 8 months ago

yeah, either that, or, it's the most overrated live music scene on the continent, and even the cure were sharp enough to figure that one out ... oh no, let's blame it on ghosts in stull ... much more agreeable and cool.

counterlife 17 years, 8 months ago

Those damn portals to hell, they are everywhere, e.g., almost anything produced by so called popular culture, espc. TV, shopping as meaningful activity, KU sports and the pimps who make their obscene livings there (i.e. large and tall coaches, chancellors and athletic directors) as the regular front page fare of the so called Journal-World, or WalTargetCostcoMart America (just study most people there for a few minutes, if that ain't the runway to hell I don't know what is). Oh, did I mention "reality" TV - Dante might have taken lessons. Ending this rant with a question - why do we not imagine portals to heaven that one might just stumble on to. This of course assumes that heaven and hell are equally interesing places (sounds reasonable to me). So why is one only obtained through absurd sef abnegation (that would be heaven) and hell something you can stumble into on an innocent visit to "Infant Dau's" place of rest slightly west of Lawrence, Ks.?

P.S. Las Vegas is without a doubt a portal to hell, particularly if you are willing to play slots.

leslie 17 years, 8 months ago

I'd venture a guess that the real portal to hell is somewhere near Oak Park Mall.

Rob Gillaspie 17 years, 8 months ago

I got my senior pics taken at still back in High School. I need to go up and fetch a rock from the rubble. Woe unto the passing of Satanic Kansas...

MrsAntichrist 17 years, 8 months ago

Yer welcome, Lazz. Still hoping to have you to dinner very soon.

Anybody remember "Lucifer's," the burned out old frat house on 9th St.? When Halloween rolls around I really kind of miss that place.

Todd 17 years, 8 months ago

Ah yeah, nothing like those memories of standing before a Douglas Country judge and formally admitting to being a dumbarse. Learning that there's a fee for court costs that you have to pay. (salt in the wound)

barr 17 years, 8 months ago

The cemetary scene in Burt Reynolds Christmas was shot in the original Stull cemetary. Check it out if you feel like sitting thru that again. It's supposed to be one of the highest places in all of Douglas county. Great Blog! love jasonbarr

lazz 17 years, 8 months ago

the cemetery scene in "Burt Reynolds Christmas"?

uhhhh ... mmmm .... hmmm .... i guess i wasn't aware that there was such a thing as "Burt Reynolds Christmas" (I'm so ashamed), but to think that it also contains a cemetery scene ..... need we look any further for a portal to hell?

MAY I PLEASE JUMP OFF-TOPIC FOR ONE SEC -- I'm not trying to start a whole discussion here, just looking for info --- The election is days away. I'm frantic to read Hunter Thompson's take on all this nastiness. He hasn't posted anything to his ESPN site in a month, and he does very limited politics there anyway. I've hunted through a couple of searches, but don't find anything else. Does anybody know of any new campaign columns being posted by Hunter on the Internet or elsewhere? Is he writing for any mags? THANKS.

Sorry to interrupt, Tom. Now back to our regularly scheduled program ...

Jason Barr 17 years, 8 months ago

lazz, I was shamelessly plugging another one of my no-budget anti-comedies that you can download here for free on Here's the link if your interested.....

OtherJoel 17 years, 8 months ago

Leslie - I think its located somewhere inside the Paradise Grill.

Tim vonHolten 17 years, 8 months ago

i like the "stull ceremony lore" section the most, but they're obviously horseshit.

a.) as satan's main instrument of evil in the human realm, the pope would not be frightened to pass over a pentagram. his willingness to go to colorado is further proof of his fearlessness.

b.) raps and banging? i hear an abundance of both those things coming from next door every night. loss of memory and disorientation occurs regularly as well.

c.) lastly, why would satan feel the need to check up on kansas when his work is being done so diligently? if any state deserves to be made assistant manager at hell's convenient store, it's kansas. but as long as that bastard missouri's around, we'll never be in charge.

MrsAntichrist 17 years, 8 months ago

Lazz -- I think Rolling Stone carried a Hunter S. Thompson piece recently. I'll dig through my magazine rack and if I can find it I'll have Prof. Antichrist drop it off at your office.

jd 17 years, 8 months ago

The pope is Satan's main insturment of evil? A little hard on the Beaver aren't you Ward?

whatdoyouthink 16 years, 10 months ago

I have personally seen the stairs. There are about two or three steps. I believe it was when you entered through the door to the back towards the left hand side.They did not lead anywhere just those few steps then dirt. Another creepy thing is there is a headstone there that is I think on the top of the hill to the right of what used to be the church that gave me the creeps years ago. It reads: Rember friends as you pass by as you are now so once was I as I am now so shall you be prepare now for eternity. Also the last time I was out there many moons ago..There was a group of four or five girls that showed up. It was on a Monday night, they meet in several locations to meet and drink herbal tea. It was surreal the whole experince. It just seemed like we were there for about 30-45 min. But actually we got back home 3 or 4 hours afterwards. They took us by a tree that had a spiderweb of a pennogram. Which could have been fake. They wrote thier names in blood on the entrance of the door. The wood frame. We seen a pair of red eyes coming from one of the walls. There was a big spray painted statement on the inside: LAUGH NOW. Whatever that means.

z1222 16 years, 10 months ago

the guy above me has some truth...there are stairs, they at the back of the church on the left side, but they only appear on spring equinox and halloween, the church was torn down in 2002 so you cannot go visit it and see the "gateway to hell" to my knowledge. yes the stairs appear...the guy above me is also right when he says time elapses more quickly than is physically possible. mere minutes will, in reality, be hours. electronics work in this undergound area of the church, however you cannot watch the tape that you filmed, or see the picture that you took. down the first flight of stairs, you will find a cement room. some speculation says that you can throw bottles around the church area and they will not break, that is not true. It is in this cement room that you will find one green bottle in the center of the room, standing there. you can pick up the bottle and throw it against the wall and it WILL NOT break. and not only will it not break, the bottle will roll back to the center of the room, and stand back up, just the way you first found it. there is also a second flight of stairs and once you go down them, you will be at the beginning of a long hallway. at the end of this hallway is a door which is to be the actual "gateway to hell" the edges of the door are illuminated. At this point a person's curiousity is at it's peak and of course, that person is going to want to go to that door and open it, that's easier said than done, acutally it has never been done. The hallway is basically a treadmill type area. You start to walk down the hallway, but you cannot get anywhere, run, skip, jump, crawl, walk, will not be able to gain any ground. some type of force is holding you back from getting to the gateway to hell, but if there really was one there, and you believed it, would you actually go up to the door and open it?...i know i wouldn't. i'll will be satisfied in saying that i saw the door. once you have tried to break that bottle and ran in the "treadmill" type hallway. you might as well head back seeing as you are getting nowhere with these two froms of entertainment. it takes much longer to get out of this area than to go down in it. it seems like an eternity trying to get up these two flights of stairs. once again, the church is torn down, however i do not know if the gateway still exsists. most likely not, and most likely it never did. this is a story from my english teacher, that he tells every year on halloween. this is the best story that i have come upon. honestly, i don't believe it, but hey, it's good entertainment.

Arioch 16 years, 6 months ago

I used to visit the cemetary by the highway alot through the years before the fence was put up and I personally saw a few minor things that made me feel like I was close to something wrong.

When we first went out there it was about 2 or 3 in the morning and we used a spotlight from the road to see the old church better. When the light shone on the front of the church a door with 4 small windows was clearly seen and the view inside was blocked by it.

Without the spotlight we could see the moon shining down through the gaping hole where the roof was and see the rafters shadow that formed a clear upturned cross on the back wall.

We tested that every time we visited and it was always the same.

I never heard about half of these stories I read on the net, and frankly I wouldnt have given most of them credit. Especially crap like the bottles not breaking and things.

We were there one night in the fall just before winter and it was very windy and cold. It began to sprinkle just before we left and inside the church there was no wind and no water touched us. Not even near the open windows.

I do remember thinking I kept seeing old women near the pine tree that night, but when I turned nothing was there.

One night there was an old man in the cemetary walking up the hill, we started to go after him and he turned to look at us and we were suddenly scared near senseless and he went on over the hill and I couldnt get the nerve to follow him.

We took some girls with us one night to (of course) scare them then make out with them, and just when I started to kiss one of them, fog rolled in thick and fast and she nearly wet herself begging to go back to the car and we all kept hearing noises in the fog so we left and that was the last time we visited.

That was at the place near the highway, I feel my curiosity coming back now that I have read of the even older, and quite possibly more accurate cemetary not far from there and I want to see it.

About the stairway, we had never heard the rumors and we didnt look at much of the stone work around there.. but I do believe that one night we did see what looked like the beginning of a set of stairs alone in the grass, though we did not get within 20 feet of it we just thought was old remnants of another building.

JustinV 16 years, 6 months ago

So funny that I came across this blog through a Yahoo search. We made a short movie about Stull 2 years ago, and we used the location and idea of the OLD Stull cemetery. I had heard about from a friend years ago. So we used the idea and expanded it. You can watch the movie at our site at It is free to download and watch. You might get a kick out of it.

drunken_bastard 16 years ago

sheeeit, me and sum uf thugh fulez frum up in hear at leavenworthless, ks dun wint owt thar in 1996...sheeit eye saw awl them gostsssss and stuph weth mie own iez!!! i aent evun boolshiten eethar! Weee took oph and the old main with the pitchfork was iz dun did chasd owr blakk asses bakk to duh innerstait yawl....we wuz mad scarred yo! Win whe gawt bak too duh krib, sheeit whe awl rekanized that whee wuz jest higha thin a muphukka and we laffed and drank some E&J, gawt pulled over and wint too jale 4 a DUI.....sheit I aent eva goen bak 2 dat scarree mutha phukken jale....I meen STULL.....

Ron 'drunk bastard' Welch phor any moore of mie crazee ass advenchers, call me @ (913)704-9691

fukk yoe cowtch

jparker 15 years, 8 months ago

I never visited Stull while I was a student at KU. I heard about it after some friends and I used a Ouija board in my dorm room. We were contacted by a spirit named Dexter who claimed to be crucified in Stull (as we surmised...he actually spelled out "crux" but repeatedly spelled "Stull"). We laughed about it, even though were were a little spooked, and jokingly called KU info to ask about Stull. Only then did any of us learn about the legend. I've been looking for information ever since. I wish I'd tried to visit, back then the church was still standing. Oh, also, soon after that night, I came back to my room (I had no roommate), unlocked my door, and everything in my room had been turned upside down. My bed, my posters, EVERYTHING. My feeling is, nobody was pushing the Ouija board, it was a real spirit. I was hoping one of the gravestones mentioned above would have had the name Dexter. I can't find it in any of the websites I've visited.

jody 14 years, 4 months ago

When I first moved to Topeka twenty years ago, I was in Lawrence for a conference and missed the I-70 exit and took the Hwy home. During the first trip on the highway that runs through Stull, I was extrememely frightened and sensed a great evil. I drove VERY slowly because I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the evil that I felt. I never took the road again. More than ten years later, I learned of the legend of Stull. I understood. What I felt was authentic. It was the road that passed through horrible evil.

I am not a psychic but I do consider myself sensitive at times. I've had other experiences of knowing things that I ought not know -- like identifying the burial site of a building in which someone had died a violent death and of a premonition of someone passing who did indeed did pass on and others. For those of us like me, there is no doubt to the authenticity of the spiritual realm and to the existence of intense good and evil.

Stull, is for real. The lore and legends among the locals is valid. For me, learning of the legend validated the AWFUL feeling I felt as I drove the road that lead thorough Stull.

heatherprice 12 years, 9 months ago

I went to Stull Kansas cemetery Feb. of 09 and needless to say I never got the chance top evaluate the place there is a fence all the way around it and police do patrol the cemetery 24/7. It sure is under lock and key for nothing to be in the place concidering all graveyards are popular to hang out in and all teens like to hang out in graveyards.this cemetery in stull is very small and hard to find and the other cemetery they say is the real stull cemetery is even harder to find and the people there are not friendly and they certainly dont want out of towners in there little town.Stull town its self has no stores and just a few houses in tha t area.The town is also one of two towns that were concidered twins.The other town is under the lake now and that is also where alot of satanic happenings went on.

DOTDOT 12 years, 9 months ago

The proof that evil resides in Stull is in the formatting of this blog, which got sucked right in to the gates of Hell. Some people call it wed site re-design, but the sensitive ones see clearly the signs. Like, get this, Stull rhymes with skull. Think about it.

heatherprice 12 years, 9 months ago

stull use to be named skull they renamed it stull several years ago

Keith 12 years, 9 months ago

No, skull used to be named stull, they renamed it to avoid the devil's taint. Not THAT kind of taint. attempted humor mode off.

Arioch 12 years, 7 months ago

No, it was named Stull after the founding family. Their last name was Stull... read the grave stones.

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