Sisterhood of the traveling jacket? Gaslight Gardens receives mysterious package

Gaslight Gardens may have a real-life "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" situation on its hands after a mysterious package containing a long-lost denim jacket found its way back to the bar Monday after a years-long absence.

The tiny tavern, located at 317 N. Second St., was closed for cleanup earlier this afternoon when the jacket — wrapped in a brown paper bag and secured around the edges with Scotch tape — arrived via UPS, says Gaslight owner Craig Nowatzke.

From whence it came from, he doesn't know. The package only listed Gaslight Gardens as the return address. Whoever sent the jacket didn't want it back, clearly.

"We were afraid it might be somebody trying to prank us or something," he says of the package, which he thought contained jeans at first. "We thought, 'Why would somebody want to send us these old jeans?' But curiosity got the better of our bartender, and she opened it up."

What bartender Tia Ezell found was a "really nice" denim jacket (most likely a women's jacket, based on its size) lined with flannel on the inside and embroidered sunflowers below the shoulders. She also found a note and $20 in the pocket — perhaps a gesture of penance, Nowatzke theorizes.

"This jacket was accidently (sic) taken from the tavern many years ago. It has travelled all over the world. I am simply sending it home," reads the note, which was signed only with what looks like a swoopy letter P. "May the next wearer be whomever needs a little extra warmth and love."

As for the future of the jacket, Nowatzke says he's not certain, though "we definitely want to make sure it keeps traveling." (When I brought up the similarities to the young-adult books, Nowatzke hesitated for a few seconds and then gave me a "yeah" with a little chuckle.)

One can only hope the sisterhood of the traveling jacket continues. I'll follow Gaslight Gardens' Facebook page for any new details.


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