Finalists interviewed for East Ninth Project art opportunities

We're one step closer to seeing the East Ninth Project come to fruition.

Members of the project's artist-selection panel met for a little over five hours Friday morning and early afternoon at City Hall to interview all 12 finalists for two of East Ninth's commissioned opportunities, East Ninth Artists and Integrated Artists. (A third category, Try it Out, only drew two applications and has been put on hold for now.)

The interviews took place in person, or via phone or video chat for non-local applicants.

Porter Arneill, the city's director of arts and culture, said the panel will likely make its decision sometime Friday, though he's holding off on releasing the names of the selected artists until the city can put together a press release to share the news. I'm guessing that won't happen until next week, but we'll keep you posted.

In case you need a refresher, here are the finalists (all of whom live and/or work in Lawrence) for the East Ninth Artists opportunity: Rachael Perry, Nick Carswell, Meredith Moore, Zia, John Sebelius and May Tveit.

Finalists for the Integrated Artists opportunity are: Jarret Mellenbruch, Derek Porter, Sheila Klein, Christopher Janney, Stephen Johnson and James Woodfill.

Up to four artists will be selected for the East Ninth Artists project; up to three will be selected for Integrated Artists project.


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