Entertainment Weekly calls Kawehi a DIY megastar

We here at Lawrence.com headquarters have been fans of Lawrence's resident DIY, one-woman electronic band Kawehi for some time now, and we're not alone.

With her unique, synthy covers and fun videos, she's popped up on the radar of national outlets like Esquire, Spin, Slate, and received praise from Courtney Love, P. Diddy and (after she covered one of my favorite songs) Garbage. Add Entertainment Weekly to the list of crushes on the Hawaii native.

The Lawrence-based musician was included in a recent blog post of 4 DIY artists to watch on the magazine's website. Morissa Scwhartz, writing for EW.com, says of Kawehi: "She is the ultimate DIY artist with mega star power."

Kawehi is currently touring and working on her next album, "INTERAKTIV," for which, in true DIY spirit, she raised a lot of money very quickly on Kickstarter.

Keep up with the latest Kawehi news on her (very active) Facebook page.


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