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‘Song to the Cicadas’ celebrates rare insects

It's the summer of the cicada here in Lawrence, in case you hadn't heard — and with all that gosh darn buzzing, how could you not have?

Tens of millions of a rare kind of the insect that only hatches every 17 years started appearing and making noise all over the place in late May. In honor of the rare occurrence — they're not expected to be around long — several events have been planned, from educational festivals to an eating adventure.

Two local bands — The Greenhouse Culture Band and CS Luxem — joined forces last week after being challenged by the Lawrence Public Library and Lawrence Magazine (which, like the Journal-World, is owned by The World Company) to write, perform and record a theme song, partly to honor the insects, partly to give you something fun to listen to instead of their loud buzzing.

The result of the musicians' collaboration was released online Thursday, and you can check out "Song to the Cicadas" in the video above. You can also check it out (literally) on the library's Lawrence Music Project website. And watch the recording process below.