Marion Disappearded Blog Disappearded

(from An Elephant in the Margins. Yesterday.)

Okay. This is what I'm going to blog about today. Prepare yourselves for some in-depth investigative journalism.

This morning I noticed an interesting little blog headline entitled "Blog: Marion - Disappearded 1-23-2010," that had been posted on - you guessed it, the 23rd of January (I know this isn't the most timely coverage, but it's still interesting).

For those of my readers who are entrenched Lawrencites, I needn't dwell to much on who Marion is. We all have a good Marion story or moment. Or two. So for the uninformed I will merely say this: Marion's an old "townie," in the common vernacular, familiar to many a downtown patron over the years. He is also known for trolling the hallowed halls of the LJWorld's comment sections, leaving a dirty residue of particularly offensive text in his wake. So when I noticed that someone had blogged on Marion's disappeardedness, I was intrigued, and clicked on it.

Alas! I was thwarted in my efforts when I was met with the first of many page not found... pages. Another aspect that struck me about this oddity, was not only did the post have OVER 1,000 comments, but that number seemed to be rising.

Annoyed and defeated for the moment, I aired my grievances in a cultrurally acceptable way, by tweeting about it.

"#mariondisappearded blog post still #pagenotfound on @LJWorld," I lamented, while adding "#whatgives?" and "#over1kcomments!" to express my frustration and amazement, with a "#shoutpeace" for good measure.

So distracted as I was by the need to clean the house and feed the children I have been checking in now and again what's going on on the internets, as per my usual routine, and decided to go ahead and take my questions straight to The Source, or The LJWorld's Twitter account.

Me:"@LJWorld: what is the deal with the #mariondisappeareded blog post whose comments keep going up but that I keep getting #pagenotfound alerts?"

To which they replied swiftly:

Them: "@theblackrabbit: There are a couple of back doors that people have found their way through. We're trying to close all the doors."

Ah ha! I knew it! A back door. The plot was thickening. As any gumshoe is able to recognize, the above statement is a bit of a deviation from the data I was looking for, isn't it? I wanted to know what "the deal" was - read: why can't I see the post. Their response was not the answer to that question (should I have been more explicit?)

So I re:re'd them:

Me: "@LJWorld: well can you open one for me?! or show me the back door?" citing my constitutional rights: "#freedomofthepress!" I was beginning to feel like I was in the matrix, running down a long white corridor full of doors, looking for The One...

Their re:re:reply:

Them: "@theblackrabbit: The door's about to close. As soon as we can update our paths."

The walls were closing in! What do I do?

What did I do, dear reader? I did what any self-respecting blogger would do: I hacked the internets. Did I find anything? No. I fiddled around with the URL a bit. Figured out the person who blogged it, scrolled through some old comments. Didn't find anything juicy. So I went back to The Source:

Me: "@LJWorld: Bummer." i was playing the innocent card, then tried playing the Fraternal Order of Investigative Journalists Card: "You wanna give me a keyword here? Any tips? Upcoming headlines? I'm just digging for the scoop here," adding a good, hefty, but subtle "#winkwinknudgenudge."

And to this request I received only silence. The door, it would seem, has been shut. Plus I'm bored and don't really care. On a completely different note, this post has reminded me how much I love The Matrix, and how badly I want one of these.


Marcy McGuffie 12 years, 5 months ago

That was a damn entertaining blog...Free the Blog (I forgot how to make the clubs).

Boston_Corbett 12 years, 5 months ago

Glad that counter got unhooked.

♣Free The Blog♣

DOTDOT 12 years, 5 months ago

Hey, WAIT!!!

This IS the back door!!!

RoeDapple 12 years, 5 months ago

Only the shadow knows.....

♣Free the Blog♣

LadyJ 12 years, 5 months ago

Hilarious, good job Black Rabbit

♣Free the Blog♣

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