Why Tiny House on Wheels is in Trend and Why You Should Own One

Most people think of tiny homes as being fixed in one spot, much like residential houses. However, most tiny homes are built on trailers, making them easy to transport, position, and relocate. These structures are known as THOW (tiny homes on wheels).

The tiny house movement is growing in numbers, with more people opting for a simpler way of life without the trappings that indicate so-called ‘success’ in the modern world. If you plan to join the movement, consider a THOW solution. Here are some compelling reasons why:

Freedom of movement

The prefab cabins available from Best Tiny Cabins are ideal for mobile living. When built on a trailer, these structures are convenient to move from one location to another. This is an attractive proposition to people who might need to move around for work purposes. Provided they can find a suitable plot of land in their new destination, these tiny house owners can set up their home with minimal fuss.

A tiny house on wheels offers the stability of home that many families find essential. Therefore, even though you are living in a new city, the home still looks and feels like home. This would not be the case if you had to look for a new apartment or house each time.

Minimal maintenance

Tiny houses are built according to strict specifications and regulations. Products are subjected to stringent quality control testing to ensure that they are safe to reside in. Their designs make it possible for these structures to withstand harsh weather extremes without incurring any damage.

Regardless of where you place your tiny home on wheels, it should withstand adverse conditions without requiring any additional maintenance. Its walls and floors are built to resist moisture, which leads to mold and rust. The structure’s smaller dimensions also mean that fewer repairs are necessary.

Financial implications

Tiny homes are undoubtedly less expensive than regular residential houses. While you will probably struggle to secure a mortgage for a tiny home, the low prices mean that you will not necessarily need one. However, this is not the only saving you will stand in line to benefit from if you invest in a tiny home on wheels.

As you can change where you park your tiny home if necessary, you can look for a cheaper location in the same area if you need to save a few dollars. It is also possible to pack up and leave a region searching for favorable employment opportunities during challenging times. Become a property owner without being a property owner

People associate property ownership with a piece of land and a house sitting atop it. However, a tiny house on wheels provides you with a unique property ownership opportunity. You might not own the land that your tiny home sits on, but you do own the house itself.

Therefore, while you own a residential asset, you do not need to pay property taxes for the land it rests on. Even if you own the land, your property tax bill will be considerably lower as most states do not regard a tiny home on wheels as a permanent structure.

Experience more

Like a tortoise carrying its home on its back, having a tiny house on wheels offers you a high degree of mobility, as mentioned before. This allows you to live a somewhat nomadic lifestyle while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Financial and employment considerations should not necessarily govern the decision to move from one area to another. Many people who have adopted this lifestyle do so to relocate to new places and experience new environments frequently.


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