Remodeling Your House on a Budget Before Renting it Out

If you want to put your property to work, renting it out is a superb way to bring in additional income. Remodeling your house on a budget is possible as there are some small renovation projects that can make a big positive difference to your place.

Fix what’s broken

Fix things that are broken and that can be made useful again. If you plan to hire a good Chicago remodeler to fix your dilapidated windows, try HX Solutions, the leading Chicago remodeling company that you can hire with confidence.

Some window fixes or other malfunctioning areas of your home can be inexpensive to fix and with the right Chicago window companies, they can get things working again.

They can work on squeaky, troublesome hinges and get everything working smoothly. You won’t need to be embarrassed to ask for reasonable rent from a prospective tenant checking out your place.

Cheap facelifts within your home

It’s worth it to renovate your home or certain rooms before renting them out. Having nice details such as modern appliances, hardwood flooring and modern bathrooms can all go towards attracting a better quality of tenant.

If you live in a super hot area, installing an air conditioning system can be most appealing to tenants. If your kitchen is old and it doesn’t have a modern island, you can bring in a large stand-alone or maybe freestanding table to act as an island. These are low-budget ideas to bring in some additional comfort and workspace into a communal kitchen.

Turn bland walls into works of art

If you love exploring interesting ideas for bland walls, wallpaper has become so easy these days, even for complete novice DIYers. It is a perfect project for a home renovation on a budget.

Whether bedroom, bathroom, or lounge, you can add amazing pictures, patterns, and colors in a jiffy that will certainly turn heads. Gone are the days when you had to get a professional to do wallpapering.

These days, with the peel-and-stick kind of wallpaper, you can have a lot of fun bringing in your own choice of patterns and you can easily take it off when you decide to change your décor style.

Get the look of natural textiles

Wooden floors are beautiful to own and to look at but who can afford them and who can afford to maintain them? If you need to spruce up your flooring to get your place ready for renting out, but your budget is tight, there are affordable options.

With affordable porcelain tiles or with sheet vinyl that can be easily installed over subfloors, with modern print technology in action, you can have floors that look like the real thing. With affordable vinyl flooring, you can give your floors a natural stone or wood look without the costly price tag.

Transform your laundry

Tenants will want a clean area where they can do their laundry. If you have a laundry that is damp and dingy, give it a coat of paint. Bring in a huge and instantly transformative change with good lighting to make the laundry area an inviting place. You can achieve this with energy-saving lights.

Add in some shelves where you can store detergents. If you have wooden shelves, include some railing below them where ironed shirts and pants can be allowed to hang, complete with pegs and hangers. If you are a DIYer, the flooring materials may need to be changed for safety and to ensure that they are resilient and slip-free.


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