Five Super Qualities That Make Naruto a Hot-Favorite Anime Character

You can’t call yourself an anime fan if you haven’t watched Naruto. It is among the greatest and the most famous anime series of these two decades. Written by Masashi Kishimoto, the anime centers around a young ninja from the village of Konoha, Naruto.

The writer has managed to picture Naruto as a very peculiar and outstanding character, making him one of the best anime characters to this day. He (the writer) added layers to his character possessing qualities like

The use and control of all five elements

Not all ninjas can control the five chakra elements. Ninjas in Naruto are usually born with one chakra that is their source of power. To learn or use two or more chakras makes you stand out among the others, and that’s what Naruto did. He was primarily born with the wind chakra, but he later learned how to control the rest after obtaining his Six paths Senjutsu.

You may say that even Kakashi can do it. But no ninja has ever portrayed the full strength of the five elements like Naruto.

He can exhibit magnetism or manipulate water into a boil that no ninja has ever done with any of these chakras. It’s this greatness that makes Naruto worth watching and you can even go through a comprehensive list of Naruto filler worth watching on

His determination

Naruto’s best ability was his determination. His determination was fueled by his urge to prove himself to his village as the greatest. Why did he want to do it? We think it has to do with the fact that he was hated by his entire village.

Naruto holds the fox beast that raided and destroyed his village in his body. And for most of it, he didn’t know it until he was 12 years old. Seeking approval, Naruto went on to become the greatest ninja that has ever lived.

His friends with his inner demon

This came shocking to many fans as they expected the demon to be a bad influence on Naruto, just like Devil Jin in Tekken. On the contrary, Naruto becomes friends with the demon fox that destroyed his village.

It turns out the nine-tailed fox adapted a calmer character when he was inside Naruto’s body. It even becomes friends establishing a perfect duality with Naruto mostly during vigorous combats like the battle with monk with a 9-demon tail (A Naruto Shippuden filler worth watching detailed chart)

He is a clever fighter

Apart from him possessing the demon fox, controlling the five chakras, and being a highly skilled ninja, Naruto is a very clever fighter. Most of the time, you would expect Naruto to win his fights by applying one of his killer techniques but no, he is more of a gimmick guy.

For example, when he won his battle against Kiba by passing gas on his opponent’s nose. The young Naruto, who is annoying, won most of his fights by technicality and not his ability. And that’s what separates him from the other ninjas.

His high affinity for Ramen

It is one of his hilarious fun facts about Naruto. Naruto is one of the best ramen eaters in the anime series. He got his name from ramen fish itself. He even had a favorite shop in his village for ramen fish named Ichiraku Ramen.

We think his high consumption of ramen fish is due to the fox that lives inside of him. Naruto eats and likes ramen fish because it’s the food that the demon fox likes the most. His affinity would later influence Ramen Narutomaki who became popular in all his village (Hokage village) after attaining appeal.


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