Contemplating Death Makes You Happy and Brave

If someone were to ask you what you thought about death or what you would do if you knew that today was your last day, what would be your response? Many people do not like answering these types of questions because death is not a very casual conversation.

Most people fear death and find speaking about it even more uncomfortable. However, confronting it head-on could have a positive outworking on your life.

Why modern society shuns death

Death has been a part of life since the beginning, but it seems as though our ancestors dealt with it much more effectively than we do. They were confronted with death regularly and actively took part in the burials and ceremonies of their loved ones.

Modern medicine and death practice has shielded and removed us from this part of life and this is why it is such a bitter pill to swallow. We have institutionalized death and outsource the preparations of the funeral to companies.

We no longer deal with death as our ancestors did and this is why we find it so hard to talk about it. However, confronting it and speaking about it has some profound positive effects on us.

Not taking people for granted

People who have had near-death experiences or who had a brush with death are much more grateful for the people around them. At that moment, before death sets in, they come to realize how precious life is and also how precious the people around them are.

When you speak about death and come to terms with your own mortality, perspectives change and you come to realize what is important in life. However, it is also easy to fall back into old habits and that is why you should visit There you can make a reminder to yourself to never lose perspective and remember the importance of your loved ones.

Living for the small things

People who contemplate death are much more focused on the here and now. They can appreciate the small things in life. Spending a night looking at the stars, taking in the smell of flowers, going out in nature, and sharing a laugh with friends.

These are the things that color in our lives and make the big events even more memorable. Those who do not contemplate death are always on the lookout for the next big thing and fail to see the adventure that is unfolding in front of their eyes.

Living without fear

When you contemplate death, you get forced to dig for the answers to the questions you have about death. The fear of the unknown is numbing and this is why so many people fear death so much. They simply do not know anything about it.

All they know is that they will cease to breathe and their conscious mind will slip away. However, death is so much more than this and the more you contemplate it and seek answers to your questions, the better you can prepare for it.

Living a fuller life

When you contemplate death, your own mortality is put under the spotlight. Those who contemplate death regularly are all too aware that they could breathe their last at any moment, and that is why they take every opportunity to live.

They do not leave things for the day off tomorrow because what if it never comes. These are the people who live in the moment and are likely the ones who will be able to tell you that they have no regrets. These are the people that most of us live in envy of.


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