Schools and Colleges Leveraging the Lockdown Time to Refine Their Processes

The schools and colleges administration and the provision of education have changed drastically due to the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic. The institutions are looking at students as customers and are committed to improving the efficiency and quality of their programs.

The uncertainties regarding how long the situation will take to be contained have made many administrators think of how to refine the institutions'' processes during the lockdown. The institutions should adopt process improvement without a business mentality to fulfill the learners' expectations.

Raising the teachers’ standards

Underqualified teachers can contribute to the poor performance of learners. Policymakers can take advantage of the lockdown to educate their teachers to ensure smooth learning and improve the quality of education.

They can achieve this by clarifying the teachers' standards and enrolling teachers in online classes. The Six Sigma certification from OpEx Learning proves the teacher’s ability to improve the teaching process and motivate the class.

The program equips educators with the knowledge to create and maintain improvement in any institution and thereby sustain excellence. Browse the academy's categories to review the training options and begin your excellence journey today.

Staff organization

Many schools and colleges have resulted in online learning during the lockdown. This has increased the need among the staff in the institutions to streamline the communication system.

With so many administrative deadlines and students' events always taking place, the need to communicate effectively is becoming overwhelming. Combining personalized with automated messaging is an excellent way to ensure timely communication while maintaining a personal touch.

The staff in learning institutions should find digital space and do away with the traditional means of communication, such as emails that students skip often. They should implement intuitive systems of communication to promote effective communication. These include communication systems with inbuilt support features such as tutorial videos and instant messaging options.

The teachers can show learners, especially the young ones, how to log in to their learning portals. The teachers should provide additional tech support and ensure that students know how to seek help.

Streamlining the learning experiences

Institutions are slowly adapting to online learning such that some are running online classes exclusively. For students pursuing online courses, engagement is essential. Teachers should have a specific place and plan to ensure that all students feel appreciated and connected.

To achieve student engagement, staff must create a suitable check-in schedule and follow it consistently, whether mid-course, weekly or bi-weekly. They should determine the details of the check-ins and establish how individual students are handling their workload.

Beyond the check-ins, staff should help students set their academic goals and reward their successes to motivate them. The focus should be to create a personal touch with virtual engagement.

Streamlining learners’ communication

Since students tend to skip emails, the school administrators should collaborate to devise communication systems through which to communicate with students. The messages should be clear and personalized. Otherwise, the students will skip them. Students are more interested in a personal touch and the ability to respond fast will make them pay attention to the messages.

The institutional administrators can assess the communication needs by asking the students about their preferred channels of communication and the communication frequency. The findings from such inquiries can be used to customize communication and tools of engagement by ensuring their relevance and appropriateness.

Schools and colleges should invest in live streaming tools that can be embedded into their websites. Whether it is a sporting event, a school activity, or a class, live streaming is important and is expected to continue beyond the pandemic. Many schools are still concerned with enrollment numbers. They can also leverage the lockdown time to automate their enrollment processes.


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