TikTok: What Does ‘Chile’ Mean?

Social media is the perfect place for trends and viral videos, resulting in a variety of new and fun aspects in life- new and interesting lingo, dance moves, food recipes, and life.

Famous social media platforms like TikTok feature a list of trending and fun videos that get consumers hooked for hours to end, amused by the funny content. Just as fresh content is generated each day, a part of the viral videos also come from older trends, something that was perhaps once famous on other similar platforms.

How was the term first used?

The Whew Chill video is a big deal on TikTok. But did TikTok invent this term? No, it was rather famous when NeNe Leakes featured in the show, 'The Real House of Atlanta.’ She would use this term often on the show, and that is how it became famous and regarded as one of her catchphrases.

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‘Chile’ a viral term owes its fame to TikTok

When one hears the word ‘Chile,’ the first thing that comes to mind is the Southern American country. However, the ‘whew chile’ term or trend has nothing to do with this country.

Rather it is a video of a woman asking an African-American man if he could pronounce the term or not. Quick to realize, the old man understood that she meant to call it out like ‘woo chill.’

What is Whew Chile?

Whew Chile is defined as a shocking situation or a piece of information that may be shocking, according to the Urban Dictionary. That's so because it’s mostly used in the form of a joke or said to give things a funny spin. It has often been used in that light, even on the social media platform TikTok.

Does it appear on Google search?

If you perhaps type out the complete term, then Google search will take you to Urban Dictionary pages. You can learn the meaning of the term by clicking on any of the first few links. But, upon typing only the word ‘Chile,’ the first searches will display text and images of the Southern American country mostly known for its flavorful red wines and Pisco Sours.

Trending video on TikTok

Statistically, this video of the woman and African-American man has been viewed over 2.1 million times and has garnered about 489,000 likes. The internet has the power to make things reach a large audience base at the same time. The chances are that most of the viewers may have already seen or heard about the latest trend.

Entertainment amplification via social media

Social media undoubtedly provides a daily dose of fun and entertainment and is capable of making people laugh and smile a bit more. The content is relevant and made for various age groups and it is safe to say that social media is definitely for all to create content, share pictures and videos.

Several videos trend on social media platforms and their lives are often short, as new ones start to appear soon after. Platforms like TikTok have a large user base, and any video that’s truly fun and entertaining trends overnight on the platform, offering everyone a good laugh, like the Whew Chile trend!


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