Five Ways You Might Lose Your Long-Standing Clients

If you ask anyone about their worst customer experience ever, they will probably be hard-pressed to explain what happened. But, unfortunately, this shows the level of negligence in the client support that many accounting or legal firms do not consider.

It is one of the fundamental aspects that you should highly consider because customers are the biggest supporters of your business. Make sure that they think well of the products and services that you offer. Below are five ways you can lose your long-standing clients.

Engaging poorly trained staff

Imagine every time you walk into an office, you always find underrated salespeople, and none of them seems to know much about the products and the services you need!

Will you continue enjoying their services or shift to a better place? For example, if you are dealing with billing, it's evident that time entry requires the best time and billing software personnel to ensure that all entries are entered correctly.

Visiting will offer you professional knowledge about billing, especially if you are in the field of law or any other business field that requires billing. It also provides a demo of the time and billing software to help you enhance your knowledge of keeping track of the time.

Having a complicated procedure services compensation

Setting up ambiguous strategies for the customers who need compensation for services that did not meet their required criteria marks the halfway point of losing your long-standing clients.

It's not only something that will aggravate most of them but also something that most of them might have never encountered. Therefore, they are likely to shift to other firms to give them reasonable returning procedures to meet their set requirements. You might have never encountered such a scenario, maybe because most customers do not feel the urge to ask for it, but it's good to check for all loopholes.

Selling or offering shoddy services

This may be called the "plenty of fish in the sea" firm model. In this case, instead of selling quality services, you may decide to offer low-quality services to your long-standing clients at a lower price.

This kind of service will reduce the odds of customers returning to you as most of them won't work as they thought they would in the next stage, especially in legal services. Every client desires to be given quality accounting or legal services despite the price they have bought it at. The notion that there are plenty of customers out there will one day be your biggest downfall.

Being unresponsive to clients

If you ask any legal firm owner or accounting business owner, it’s interesting how their long-standing clients can be forgiving. To some extent, even selling a shoddy product without your knowledge on it is not enough for them to lose your trust if you respond to the claims raised.

With today's world economy rising at a high rate and the cost of living standards increasing, we are entering into the realm of the unforgivable. Unfortunately, only a few can accept that it was a mistake that you did especially if you are unresponsive to them.

Looking unprofessional

It doesn't matter the kind of legal firm or accounting business you are operating; conducting your procedures unprofessionally will make you lose your long-standing clients as most of them will feel that this is too much for them to keep on reminding you.

Dress to look like someone who is a specialist in the field of specialization you are dealing with. Most of your clients will judge you by your appearance despite the kind of services you offer, and they are less likely to work with a person who looks unprofessional.


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