The Role of Diet in Boosting Your IQ Levels

Do you sometimes wish that you had just a fraction of William Sidis’s intelligence? His Intelligence Quotient or IQ was thought to be 50 to 100 points higher than Einstein’s. According to the National Library of Medicine, intelligence can be influenced by genes, home life, education, and nutrition.

Difference between poor and good nutrition

Childhood is an important time where dietary patterns are initiated. Dietary habits have long-term implications. At Difference.Guru, they want to point out differences and explain them.

You will see the difference in the health and IQ of those people who have received excellent nutrition from the start of life to the person who has been deprived of nutrition. Sushi is good for children and adults as it is food for the brain.

There’s a difference between roll or Maki sushi and temaki or hand roll sushi. Maki is made up of cylinders sliced into separate pieces for a few people, while Temaki is a cone-shaped serving for just one person. The lean fish and avocado is a nutritious meal rich in omega-3 fatty acids and great for brain development in children.

Eating your way to intelligence?

It’s quite alarming to know that all those chips, cookies, chocolates, and cold drinks you feed your child on, can affect their intelligence. Studies show that diets high in processed foods can contribute to lower IQ.

Carrying too much weight puts a strain on the entire body and can lead to serious health problems. Studies show that obesity in children can have an impact on their cognitive development.

The study showed a link between a child’s weight in their first two years and their cognitive abilities at school-going age. Children who are overweight in the first two years of life have lower working memory scores than lean children.

Get nutrition in early

It’s important while pregnant to see that you consume nutritious foods that will help your baby's physical and mental growth. Omega-3 fatty acids are of vital importance to your baby’s brain development and IQ.

While you are pregnant, foods such as salmon and oily fish eaten a couple of times a week can ensure proper iodine levels, so important for your developing baby’s intelligence. Taking a prenatal supplement can also ensure that your unborn baby gets the right balance of nutrients for brain development.

Poor nutrition affects brain development

Researchers have found a link between diet and IQ. By the time your child is 3, if he or she has been exposed to a diet high in processed foods, by the time they are 8, their IQ will be lower than other kids of that age and who have been fed a nutritious diet.

The doctor at Bristol University who carried out the research said that brain development is always fast in the first six years. It is important for adults to ensure nutritious eating habits right from the word go with their children.

The reason for this is that behavioral effects relating to eating in very early childhood can persist into later childhood, even when there are changes to the diet.

Breakfast – that important first meal

Kids who don’t regularly have breakfast have a lower IQ compared to those who do. Kids who regularly have breakfast have significantly higher IQ test scores compared to those who only sometimes had a good breakfast.

Eating a nourishing breakfast can offer many health benefits for growing children, and this includes enhanced classroom performance. The type of breakfast consumed can be linked to IQ.

The basics of a healthy breakfast include things such as cereals, eggs, fish, cheese, fruits, and nuts. Cereals can be a good choice, but just read the nutrition facts on the packaging. You always want to choose a cereal with fiber and oats, rich in fiber, is wholesome, affordable breakfast food.


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