How to Decide if Roofing Needs Replacement or Renovation?

A strong roof over your head assures you of protection from cold winters, stormy springs, and hot summers. When a roof is well installed, it can serve you for up to 30 years without any problems.

Harsh weather conditions can shorten your roof’s lifespan and demand renovation sooner than expected. It might be difficult to tell when your roof needs replacement, but you must heed warning signs and take quick action. Delays might cost you more than expected.

Your roof is approaching 30 years old

Normally, your roof’s lifespan is 30 years, although some homeowners wait up to 40 years. After the normal lifespan, your roof will begin to have problems now and then until the day you renovate or replace it. Instead of waiting for troubles, you should act now and replace them.

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Light getting through into the attic

Your attic should remain dark unless you have installed lighting there. If you climb up the attic and notice beams of sunlight coming through the roof, you automatically know there is a problem that needs attention. The light is an indication that there are broken shingles that need replacement.

Sagging roof

When the roof of your house is sagging, it warns you that there is a problem with its structural integrity. It could be that the foundation is weak and it’s affecting the roof or the lumber supporting the roof is weak and sagging under the weight. You might have a few more days to consolidate your funds, but the sooner you call the best roofing contractors, the better.

Cracked shingles

Bad weather like storms can damage the shingles and if it’s only one shingle that is damaged, all you need is to replace it. If you take a closer look and notice the cracked shingles are random across the entire roof, replacement might not work for you. Consider it is time to renovate your roof and buy new shingles.

Overly weathered shingles

Shingles do weather due to age and the best signs to look for are three. First, the shingles begin to fade randomly, although the fading takes time. Secondly, you begin to see your shingles curling either upwards from the edges or clawing from the middle. Thirdly, the shingles become loose and you can easily pull an entire shingle out simply with your hand. What you need is not a replacement of a few shingles but a total renovation.

Plants growing on the roof

Plants should be growing in your home garden but not on the roof. Dust can gather in your roof for many years and create a conducive environment for dispersed seeds to germinate. Water held by the accumulated dust will trap moisture on your roof and enable moss, mold, or fungi to begin growing.

If the plants are not many, you can easily remove them using a brush or a power washing. Sometimes the plants increase and it becomes impossible to remove them unless you remove the shingles or renovate the roof. If you take no action, the roof will soon become leaky and can cause trouble.

Leaking roof

One most obvious sign that your roof needs replacement or renovation is when you notice it’s leaking. The ceiling becomes wet or develops mold and water starts dripping onto the floor. Inspect the place where the water is leaking from and if it’s a single shingle, consider replacing it. If several shingles are leaking, consider renovating the roof.


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