What the New-Age HR Looks for in a Prospective Candidate

The new HR looks for tame and trainable employees rather than technical experts. They want fast learners and look for some core qualities in every candidate.

The fresh college graduates and even experienced people wonder what the HR team wants in this digital era. Today's HR looks mainly for five critical qualities in each candidate, which helps them get a high return on investment.

High patience and endurance

Patience and endurance are two words most youngsters have forgotten in the modern world. They get trained to run faster and before others grab opportunities at the first chance. Contradictory to their beliefs, most companies want to choose a patient candidate who can endure hard times.

Check the difference.guru website to know the difference between patience, endurance, fortitude, etc. Being resilient is not the only quality modern HR looks for in a prospective candidate. They want candidates who can adjust, wait for their turn, and endure specific difficulties in the workplace without complaining.

Long term commitment

The new HR knows it is a tedious process to recruit and retain excellent talent. They are not ready to face high attrition after taking enormous effort to hire, train and prepare an employee to perform. They look for candidates who have a long-term vision to commit to the company and grow with it for the next five to seven years.

Most companies are willing to educate the employees further if they are ready for long-term commitment and offer them chances to grow in the company and reach a higher hierarchy. In short, they want a reliable candidate whom they can trust, who will not jump to the competitor company at the first chance for slightly higher pay.

Emotional intelligence and easy-going nature

Many HR teams check the emotional intelligence of the candidates through various taunting questions. They try to avoid serious people who get hurt by the slightest offensive comments as most candidates have to work in a versatile environment collaborating with global talent.

Each team member will come from a unique background and ethnicity, and the chances of hurting each other unintentionally are rampant. They look for cheerful, easy-going candidates who can handle a grim situation easily by cracking a joke or diverting the subject cleverly. Emotional intelligence is the third most important factor in determining whether a candidate is suitable for a job in the modern world.

Team players and leaders

Most of the workers the HR deals with have immense expertise in the field and strong technical knowledge. But only a handful of the candidates they interview are team players who have the potential to grow into future leaders.

They know how to handle a team, extract the best from every team member, coordinate them, and deliver the best results under stressful situations.

Candidates highlighting their leadership skills through previous activities, explaining how they handled a difficult situation, soothing a rebelling team to work for them get considered with great interest.

Flexibility and multitasking skills

The top quality every new-age HR wants in a candidate is flexibility as they have to work under pressure, handling various situations.

In simple words, they want the candidates to adjust and work with the available resources and deliver on the given time. Most of them have to multitask to fulfill this requirement and be ready to deliver what the client wants, which might be quite hard in certain situations.

Being flexible and ready to work at odd hours, making the numerous changes the clients require, adjusting only with limited team members and facilities are all a part of the job. The candidates must be ready to come out of their comfort zone, face challenging situations, and deliver under pressure.


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