Ways to Reduce Screen Time Without Any Resistance from Kids

There’s a world of information online for anyone who wants to maximize their knowledge but what happens when your kids are constantly glued to their screens? You’re so used to seeing your kids staring down into their mobile devices that it’s as if the gadget has become like another limb. So how do you go about reducing screen time?

Encourage music appreciation

We live in such a fast-paced world, but as much as our screens connect us, too much can negatively impact your child’s mental and emotional state. Music can benefit your child in so many ways and when one does research, you find it can help with anxiety and depression.

SoundHalo is a minefield of useful information from seasoned musicians. They provide expert information on musical instruments, musical theory and sound equipment that can be of interest to you and your child. Encourage your child to appreciate music and find the right teacher who can make sure the music lessons are fun for your child.

Set an example

There are health benefits connected to reducing screen time that can’t be ignored, and decreased obesity is one. Let your children watch an episode with you of ‘My 600 pound Life’ on TV and they’ll quickly understand the stance you’re trying to push.

You’ll have to try and engage your kids in exciting ways, but before you try and change your kid’s viewing habits, make sure that you’re not setting a poor example for them. You have to practice what you preach by not letting them see you spending way too much time in front of the screen yourself.

Communicate the potential problems

If your kids understand that you’re limiting their screen time because of the downsides, they’ll offer less resistance. They need to know that the light emitted from these electronic devices interfere with the brain’s sleep cycle and can prevent them from having a proper night’s rest.

They won’t think that you’re just being spiteful, but that you have their welfare in mind. You’ll also have to warn them about online predators too and about giving out personal information without your consent. Teach your kids Internet safety from the moment your kids start using a connected device.

Restrict device usage

As parents, you make the rules in your house and you could restrict device usage to only common spaces at home and also at certain times of the day.

Young kids these days rely heavily on electronics for their entertainment and many have forgotten how to have fun playing outside and using their muscles. It’s your responsibility as parents to encourage them to get involved in activities outside.

Become involved with your younger kid’s online world and arm yourself with information such as social media acronyms specifically designed to dupe parents. Make it clear to your kids exactly when they are allowed on their screens, making it rather a privilege than their right.

Good screen time policies need to start early

You can do research, and you’ll find that parents who want to limit screen time for their kids have far more success when they start early with limiting screen time.

Not all screen time is negative but you want to teach your children that too much screen time just makes it that there is no time to shape up in all areas of life. As children grow up, those who haven’t been taught about the detrimental effects of too much screen time will start putting pressure on you to buy them their own devices.

If you haven’t instilled these good screen-time policies, you're simply setting yourself up for a lot of ongoing conflict and possibly even behavioral problems.


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