Why Dating Failures Should Not Get You Demotivated

Only 20% of dates continue to cross the five or six dates threshold. On average, an American man manages to go out only with two people out of seven on a second date. So, never let a dating failure come in the way of your love life.

Read further to see why you should always keep trying and don’t let one or two terrible dating experiences ruin your chance of meeting the perfect mate.

Believe in yourself

Have a positive attitude towards dating and life in general. Statistics show both women and men give importance to people who care and not power or beauty. If you experience a horrible date, reflect upon it and avoid the mistakes you made on the next date. That doesn’t mean acting or being unnatural. Use the right strategy to find the partner you want.

Read this article on lovenet-jp.com about the top dating sites that help you find the best mates destined for you and utilize the recommended services to make your date search easy. Love is like water – it will slip through your fingers if you hold too tight and stay in your palm if you balance it well. Search with belief to find your right balance and have patience.

Never quit trying

A few bad dates don’t mean you are incapable of being loved. After all, Hitler had a girlfriend, and you did not commit any hideous crime equivalent to him. Believe the right person is out there longing and waiting for you, just like you. If you skip taking steps searching them, there is no way for fate to make you both see one another.

Enjoy the bachelor/spinster life when you can and keep trying to find the perfect one to date by socializing well. Everyone wants to date a cheerful, happy person rather than a grumpy, self-loathing soul with low self-esteem.

Everybody goes through this phase

Always remember you are not alone. Everybody goes through bad dates, and some have way more bad dates than others. If you feel like it is your fault, try to follow the expert tips found abundant online.

For example, the first dating rule says the opposite sex is attracted to people who smell pleasant than looking good. Listening carefully and showing you understand by asking lots of questions makes the person you are dating feel important. It is a small act of showing genuine interest in a person’s life, and it goes a long way in connecting.

Change your strategy

If you go on too many bad dates, discuss with a friend who always manages to get successful dates. Change your strategy and define what you are looking for in a person. Search in the right places and make yourself attractive to the opposite sex.

If being loud and outgoing never works for you, try to be subtle. Indulge in taking some extra steps which will surprise the date, like having a home-cooked meal in a park rather than formal dinner. Change your dressing style, hairstyle or go for a makeover and check whether it works.

Lower your expectations

Remember the number one secret of dating – there is no perfect match. You have to lower your expectations regarding a prince in shining armor and make peace if the person in front of you knows how to ride a motorcycle. No person is perfect, and that said, every person is trainable to a certain extent.

Determine whether your date is willing to change for your sake and whether you can adjust if they make certain amendments in their behavior. If you both are comfortable in forgoing certain comforts for each other’s company – there are high chances for the relationship to succeed.


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