How You Can Use Sports Events to Market Your Business

Many businesses use sporting events to raise the profile of their brands because they often attract large crowds and have many loyal supporters. Finding a way to bring attention to your brand during all the hype and action surrounding a sporting event can be challenging.

You need to do this in a way that’s entertaining, eye-catching and attention-grabbing. The following tips can help you leverage sports events to drive sales for your business.

Choose the right event

Many times marketing your brand effectively at sports events comes down to carefully choosing the events you support. If you are marketing running shoes, it’s obviously going to be a good idea to support a running event, like a marathon, rather than a swimming event. All you need to do is something simple like advertise your brand effectively at the venue and it will stick in people’s minds long afterwards.

Using a scorer’s table can be the right way to do this, especially one that has attention-grabbing graphics. Sideline Interactive has a PRO LED scorer's table that’s suited for big stadiums or gyms with natural sunlight. There’s room for your ads and player highlights.

Make sure you know your target market

You want to spend your advertising budget on the types of events that are likely to attract a large number of people who are likely to buy your products or services. This involves taking into account demographics like age, gender, income and associated interests.

Doing some research into your target audience can make a difference to your end results. There is little use in marketing products for senior citizens at a skateboarding event that draws mainly young people. You also need to keep up with trends, such as the increase in women sports fans, as this could affect your strategic choices and how you implement them.

Start planning well in advance

You need to start planning well in advance. Marketing opportunities for large sporting events often open up long before the actual event. You need to lock down your brand’s value proposition and how you will amplify your message as early as possible.

This will help you consistently and strategically invest in social media, content strategies etc., to help your brand stay top of mind. While delivering on your current plans, you also need to keep an eye on building momentum for future events.

Create engaging sports-related content

Sports fans will always appreciate engaging content about their favorite sports figures. Nike, for example, always partners with new athletes and celebrities in their advertising. Creating YouTube videos, photos and written content across multiple sites helps you harness the excitement about a sports celebrity and you can use this to promote your business.

Choose the right time to post your content, such as when sports fans are eagerly anticipating an event. Jump at opportunities to congratulate winning teams and keep a close watch on celebrity athletes in and off season for content possibilities.

Explore sponsorship opportunities

Exploring sponsorship opportunities within your community can help you to reach a small but relevant audience. You can make your business a household name in your town and benefit your local community at the same time. A sponsorship justifies the promotion of your product or service in a highly visible setting.

Custom sports apparel, signage, and even announcements during the game will encourage brand awareness. Sporting events like this usually have a very loyal fan base and sponsors that support local teams are viewed with appreciation. Journalists also love a feel-good story and may just give your business some coverage in the local press.


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