Reasons Instagram is Bigger and Better Than Facebook

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is a free photo-sharing app and social network platform. Users love uploading photos and videos and indexing them to be found by others. It’s become immensely popular and it’s not only used by individuals but it’s become an essential marketing tool for businesses, becoming bigger and better than Facebook.

Kickstart your business getting noticed

Every business and would-be social media influencer wants to make a serious splash on Instagram and be noticed. It’s time-consuming building up a following and if you want to have a kickstart to getting noticed, you can buy Instagram followers from Massgress.

Businesses know all too well the importance of a social media presence, but not any social media platform. Choose Instagram as it is interactive and makes use of pictures and videos to engage people. It’s a top starting point for businesses and by buying followers, you gain immediate credibility and you increase your chances of getting real followers.

Instagram is on mobile big time

Instagram and Facebook are both powerful with their own unique perks and strengths. Most people have learned to cross-promote their Instagram account across their other marketing platforms by adding an Instagram feed plugin on their website. But there are reasons why Instagram is better than Facebook and one is that it is more mobile-friendly.

This is of crucial importance as everyone is on one or another mobile device. Instagram is an important way to expand your business's reach. Instagram was created to be an app and since a massive percentage of people are on their mobile devices, a business simply has to take advantage of this and make your posts accessible to people wherever they are.

Visibility increased with hashtags

With the right use of hashtags, you can take your business to new heights on Instagram. Instagram’s hashtags are a good way to get more engagement on your posts. A post with an Instagram hashtag gets far more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

You don’t want to use hashtags too frequently but they can help to increase engagement and also to attract followers to a particular niche. Instagram generates millions of photos on its platform and it incorporates the hashtag system to get the right content to the right people.

You can get creative

One of the other reasons Instagram is better than Facebook is because it allows people to get really creative. A huge benefit of the photo-sharing app is the creativity it provides people. A marketing team can have free rein with creative ideas that will draw attention to prospective new customers.

With Instagram, you can add personality to your brand as Instagram comes with tools that will inspire your Instagram creativity further. Its color correction tool and other features will make sure that your pictures are super clear and colorful.

But not only that, Instagram is important if you are a creative business as connecting with followers by means of images and videos works immensely well. If a business isn’t part of Instagram, it could be missing out on many marketing ideas for reaching potential customers.

It’s better for commerce

Instagram is better than Facebook for conducting business. They’ve also got in-app payments which means you can buy from a photo directly, without having to leave Instagram. It is believed that this alone has turned Instagram into a great place for business.

People who have done business on Facebook say that the constant changes to its display algorithm for News Feed just make it too difficult for organic reach for company posts. Yes, Instagram also has these changes but they are less dramatic, giving business people a better overall experience.


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