Five Best In-Demand Part-Time Jobs to Make Money Fast

When the pandemic was at its peak, many companies resized while others closed. Millions of workers in the service industry lost their jobs after hotels, restaurants, and pubs closed. Because life had to move on, most of the workers looked for alternative ways to earn a living.

Now that the economy is recovering fast and the businesses that were once closed have reopened, there is a huge shortage of workers in the service industry. Anyone applying for a job in this industry is getting hired fast. To help you know where to send your application for part-time jobs, we have put together the sectors with the highest demand for part-time workers.

Delivery personnel

The delivery sector was the first to go into a lack of workers’ crisis as the economy began to bounce back. Clients have begun placing orders for home and office deliveries at an exponential rate. Due to the increase in activities in this sector, work-related injuries are also likely to increase.

This is why Devkota Law Firm is known to win cases for workers in the service industry who get injured at work or get in accidents during deliveries. The leading personal injury attorneys in Kansas City handle all cases professionally and follow high legal standards to ensure all injured workers get compensated.

The companies have large queues of orders but with very few people to deliver. If you have your car, motorcycle, or bicycle, you can easily get hired for part-time delivery jobs and earn up to $14 per hour.

Due to the rush during delivery to meet the client’s needs and clear the backlog, accidents and work-related injuries are rising. Most injured workers are left to take care of their medical expenses, which is another challenge altogether.

Cab drivers

When the pandemic was at its peak, people avoided hiring cabs to avoid infection. Now that more people have been immunized, cabs are in high demand. If you know most routes around your local city or town, this is an opportunity for you to work in the service industry.

If you have a car that can be used as a cab, talk to one of the cab companies and you will be on the road working soon. Remember you need a driver’s license and insurance cover for your car. Also, exercise caution while on the road and in case you get in an accident, auto accident lawyers will be ready to help you.

Warehouse workers

Warehouses desperately require workers before their services get grounded due to human resource shortages. They are hiring workers to help organize the warehouses, load vehicles, replenish stock, and clean. Some require machine operators and data entry staff. The qualifications are the ability to lift loads, being organized, and at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Restaurant workers

The eateries were finally allowed to open their doors and serve the public. The restricted seating capacities have also been relaxed and this means more people can visit the restaurants and eat.

The greatest challenge is, the clients are there, but workers are few. Restaurants require chefs, cleaners, customer service, mixologists. The busiest shifts for restaurant workers are the breakfast, lunch, and dinner shifts, although most restaurants might have two shifts per day.

Restoration workers

Recently, global climate change has had devastating effects in many countries. The US has suffered terribly from natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, too heavy rainfall, and heatwaves. When properties get destroyed by fire and other disasters, restoration workers are needed to help salvage what can be saved, clean the place and help the victims get back to life. These workers do risky jobs and often get serious injuries.


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