Potential Halftime Picks for Super Bowl 2023 in Glendale

Are you wondering who should perform at the halftime show for the Super Bowl 2023 in Glendale? As you witnessed last time in the Super Bowl, soccer fans witnessed the birth of the NFL legend, Left Shark, during Katy Perry's performance. This was the most-viewed halftime show in broadcast history.

The NFL needs to make a great choice to compete with the memory of Katy Perry's performance that is so vividly etched in the public imagination. Here are the potential halftime entertainers for the Super Bowl 2023 in Glendale.

Taylor Swift

Love her or hate her, there is no denying that Taylor Swift has secured the top place in the music industry. Her incredible abilities to the cross-genre of music are an added advantage to perform songs that virtually appeal to most Super Bowl fans.

And guess what, that's the kind of talent the NFL is looking for. That’s why it offers the top offshore sportsbook on Bet Now. She is one of the best choices that the NFL considers to appeal to the younger audience. The NFL is looking forward to creating future fans for their activities. There is no doubt that the NFL has approached this lady before.


Even though Drake has never had a chance to perform at the Super Bowl, this time around, there is a probability that he might take the stage. He has received great attention after the release of “Certified Lover Boy’’ in late 2021. At 35, Drake has the most top ten appearances on the Billboard Hot 100. He also has the most charting-topping singles on the hip-hop and Rap songs charts.

His young age is also a contributing factor. As a result, Drake hits a disparate demographic and cuts down on memes on how old his fans should be. The NTL is cautious about who to choose because the person needs to be trendy enough to get people excited.


Do you think the 2023 Super Bowl is the right time for Rihanna? You must be aware that she turned down the opportunity to perform at halftime back in 2019. That was due to the NFL's stance and the fallout with the San Francisco 49ers. Rihanna said that she couldn't just be a sellout or enabler because there were things that she disagreed with the organization.

That's supporting the players' constitutional rights to protest when their rights are infringed. Named one of the richest women in the music industry by Forbes magazine in 2021 and her popularity, Rihanna can pull a large crowd at the Super Bowl halftime.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most energetic performers who move crowds. That's why she is an excellent choice for the Super Bowl 2023 in Glendale. She has an impressive voice and great support for her moves when dancing on the stage. Dua Lipa became the youngest female artist to have her music video, New Rules, viewed over a billion times.

It's harder for the NFL to find a stylish singer with massive support for the Super Bowl 2023 than Dua Lipa. She has featured in the Full Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show with extraordinary performance.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of the great pop artists with a mezzo-soprano vocal range. She has managed to sell over seven million albums and 22 million singles worldwide. With the great love for pop music amongst the young Super Bowl fans, the NFL may consider Selena Gomez their great choice.

She was named the top female artist on Billboard's list of the “Greatest of All Time Latin Artists” in 2020. Selena Gomez is an active singer, body-positive, soulful, and a very creative artist.


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