Shooting for Powerful Short Videos That Go Viral Instantly

We all live for viral videos of babies being babies, cats being a menace, as usual, those ‘I was today years old when’ clips and videos that give you a really good belly laugh. It’s these short videos that have us hooked on TikTok, and without knowing, an hour goes by, sometimes more. Often viral videos are dependent on luck, but the quality of the video and effort put towards the content can make significant contributions to a video going viral.

Use a platform that has better reach

With Facebook facing major losses due to the recent stock disaster and users switching to Facebook alternatives, TikTok is one of the major platforms you should consider if you want your video to go viral. It has a wider reach making it a strong competitor to the Metaverse.

There are other platforms like Minds which can also help your short video go viral. Telegram and Retalk are other good platforms to share your content. Retalk has communities that could find this video interesting and make it a discussion in their forums. All these apps can make a video go viral.

Create simple and clear work

For many people to engage with your content, it has to be clear to them. Clear and simple content has more engagement because it has a wider reach. As you create this video with the hope of going viral, make sure you focus on one area and make sure the point is put across as clearly as possible.

This is more applicable to conversations about life, setting goals, financial stability, and getting your life on track. The message you are trying to share should be concise so that it is understood easily and passed on.

Good quality camera

When making lifestyle videos like fashion trends and makeup looks, ensure you use a good quality camera. People are more attracted to lifestyle videos if they are of good quality. There is nothing as frustrating as struggling to watch a poor-quality video. Invest in a good camera and good lighting if you want to increase the chances of your short video going viral.

A good camera might be a bit costly, but it will be a worthy investment in the long run. The money will probably come back to you due to the opportunities that come with the online community interacting with and enjoying your content.

Nice background and aesthetics

Instagram is all about aesthetics and presentation. How you present your product or yourself will account for the engagement your content receives. This is why many people invest in great backgrounds for photo shoots, whether for their products or themselves. People are attracted to things they find beautiful, which is why aesthetics matter.

If you are going for an elegant aesthetic, find clothing and jewelry that give off that vibe. If you are going for a cozy aesthetic, do the same. Find items that are going to make the area look cozy. Colors are also very important when it comes to aesthetics. Normally brown, nude, black, and gold are associated with elegance.

Keep trends in mind

When making viral videos, the audience you are targeting needs to be on your mind. Check the trends and create a short video along those lines. The video you create needs to be relatable and relevant to your audience. Most reshared short videos are those that people find relating to their current situations or past ones.

You could also create videos about current events. For example, several viral videos came from situations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the videos comprised things people could relate to from being in lockdown or funny outcomes of the lockdown.


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