Understanding What Exactly Reckless Driving is

Reckless driving is treated as a more serious issue compared to other traffic violations like careless and improper driving. It has greater implications when transportation fleets are involved. Accidents caused by commercial fleets are often serious. The driver who’s charged with reckless driving may incur hefty fines. They could lose their driver’s license or serve a jail term. To avoid getting into problems with the law, a driver should understand what reckless driving is.

Understanding reckless driving according to law

Reckless driving is defined differently from one state to another. According to FMCSA, it is defined as driving a vehicle in total disregard for other motorists or property. It is defined as intentional driving without considering traffic laws with the understanding that it could cause damage.

The law considers several underlying factors or circumstances before a driver is declared to have recklessly driven a motor vehicle. If a driver is arrested due to reckless driving or causes an accident, they can seek legal help from Madalon Law. The Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers will help to answer legal questions or concern the driver or their employer might have. If a case is filed against them, they can represent them in court.

How reckless driving occurs

Each state may have different definitions of situations that can be termed reckless driving. However, there are common situations that can be termed reckless driving.

Ignorance of road signs: If a driver deliberately ignores road signs such as stop signs and traffic lights, it can be termed reckless driving. If a driver runs a red light intentionally and causes an accident, it can be termed reckless driving.

Speeding: A driver could be speeding through a school zone or an area with high traffic. They could also speed through a snow-covered road. When the road is slippery, it becomes impossible to stop fast and could cause an accident.

Weaving in and out of traffic: A driver could be in a rush and keep changing lanes dangerously. Whether they cause an accident or not, they are putting other motorists in danger. It can be regarded as reckless driving. If a driver causes an accident due to reckless driving, Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyers can help them understand the legal implications and what to do.

Road rage and driving impaired: Road rage can be classified as reckless driving because it puts other road users in danger. If a driver drives a motor vehicle while intoxicated, they put other motorists at serious risk. It can be termed as reckless driving under the law.

Proving reckless driving

Careless driving is considered a less serious offense than reckless driving. A driver accused of reckless driving can get hefty fines and several other liabilities. They can be charged with property damage and could be responsible for caring for the victim’s hospital bills. The court may consider different circumstances before they make a reckless driving ruling. The driver involved should contact ‘’Attorneys Near Me’’ to get representation in court.

The court considers factors like the weather conditions prevailing when the accident happened. They may consider what time of the day it was and the condition of the motor vehicle. They may consider how well the driver was familiar with the route and if there were any obstacles on the road. To be termed reckless driving, the driver must have willfully driven the vehicle with a full understanding of the dangers it may cause.

Avoiding reckless driving

Different factors may cause a driver to drive recklessly. They could be rushing because they got late starting their journey. The driver should plan their time well in advance. The driver could be intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. Motorists should avoid drinking or using drugs if they know they will be driving. Every driver should be familiar with traffic laws and observe them.


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