How Have Companies Managed to Sail Through the High Attrition Period of 2021?

2021 posed numerous challenges to companies with high attrition and employees refusing to quit remote working. Several top companies adapted various measures to retain their top talent, like offering hybrid work facilities. Some companies provided incentive bonuses, while others worked on creating a future career in the company for their employees.

Performance incentives

Several companies announced performance incentives for employees giving their 100% in work. It worked as an inspiration for other employees, making them work with passion. Companies implemented employee advocacy to meet the growing expenses, which enabled the employees to show their creativity in handling customers.

Clear View Social company introduced employee advocacy software for companies who wanted to use their employees to gain more customers. The employees were given a commission for acquiring new customers, increasing productivity, and bringing in innovative solutions for company issues. They also gave performance incentives to employees who pitched in higher hours to manage attrition and death in the company staff list.

Hybrid working

Many corporate companies introduced hybrid working for employees who did not want to return from remote work. The employees worked from home for half the week and visited the office for a few days. Companies adjusted work from home days according to the employee's personal responsibilities like taking care of their elders or children.

The workers who continuously needed extra off for several days because of a death in their family or personal illness got enough breaks. After a break, the workers returned to work with a refreshed mind instead of going elsewhere. Employees who suffered from low productivity because of remote working got training to cope with new work conditions.

Chance to reskill and upskill

Companies talked to employees who wanted to quit and offered them a small break instead of relieving them. The companies made several employees take online classes to upgrade their current skills or learn a new skill. They paid half the amount while the employees paid the remaining and returned after the break as proficient new workers with extra skills.

Employees talked to their managers and peers and voiced their concerns about low pay, uncertainty issues, and mental drain. The management staff assured them diverting their mind to learning something new for a couple of months would help them enormously. Several employees took productivity-boosting classes, learned extra coding, and developed their people skills.

Addressing the fear of employees

The companies understood employees wanted to quit jobs because of safety issues, and they felt there were no growth opportunities. Several organizations revamped to create a more positive working environment with all safety measures. They set out career plans for employees and incentives, explaining how working here will fetch them constant promotions every two or three years.

Plans to reward employees who meet the targets and try to make the employees upgrade themselves also got implemented. The employees discussed with HR and started learning something new and working with renewed passion. Employees who feel there is a friendly environment in the office to work and promising career growth opportunities don't consider changing jobs.

Increasing employee engagement

Companies took steps to increase employee engagement and morale through group games, discussions, and volunteering activities. The experts arranged by the office gave employees who suffered death in their families counseling. Employees who suffered monetary loss because of treating their loved ones got different loans.

Employees who wished to switch jobs or quit jobs to stay near their loved ones suffering from illness were offered complete work from home options. Those in caregiver positions were relieved to relax by their colleagues replacing their duty once in a while. The colleagues who volunteered were given small incentives and applauded for their spirit inspiring them to help more.


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