Tips for Avoiding Crowded Beaches

When you want to enjoy the beach, you don’t want it to be crowded, cramped and noisy. This can prevent it from offering the type of relaxation you’re looking for.

It’s hard to enjoy lying on the beach when you have to really search for a little spot amongst many other sun worshippers. Swimming in the sea can be challenging when other swimmers keep bumping into you. The following tips will help you to avoid crowded beaches and find ones where you can enjoy the sun and sea.

Avoid crowded accommodations

Traditional hotels are often full during peak seasons. It is better to consider booking a vacation rental rather than a traditional hotel. This will give you more privacy and peace of mind. You can avoid crowded common areas and enjoy comfortable amenities such as fully equipped kitchens and cozy fireplaces.

The team at Gull Lake Beach Resorts will help you to book the perfect Gull Lake vacation rentals. A rental at Bay Colony, for example, gives you the chance to have a peaceful vacation where you can take long walks on the sandy beach or try your hand at water sports.

Go in the off-season if you can

When booking a vacation, think about going in the off-season. Check out when the off-season starts in a certain area because lower occupancy in the area will translate into less crowded beaches. The ability to work remotely means that more people can go to beautiful spots in the off-seasons where they can continue to do their work as long as they have internet access.

Be prepared to drive

Almost every popular beach destination has more out-of-the-way beaches that see far less use. Avoid the popular, crowded beaches that are easy to access and drive to a less popular area where you may be miles away from your accommodation and with little in the way of comfort.

You can easily take along your own drinks, snacks, shade and chairs. At least you will have peace and quiet where you can truly enjoy your surroundings. If you’re willing to travel the extra mile to a remote spot off the beaten path, you may find an unspoiled beach minus the crowds.

You may have to hike

Some of the most isolated, beautiful beaches require you to hike over endless dunes or down steep trails. If you’re willing to make an effort, you could have the unique experience of having the beach to yourself. For example, the best beach in Hawaii is down a really steep trail. You can enjoy the soft sand and its volcanic tidal pools if you’re prepared to make the journey.

Look for beaches that attract divers

Scuba divers that dive from shore usually avoid beaches crowded with swimmers. Dive information sites will often mention beaches that are only known to the diving community. If divers have good reviews of the spot, you may find you can do some great snorkeling there.

Ask the locals

Don’t ask taxi drivers for advice about which beaches to go to as they often get kickbacks from vendors at popular beaches. The best advice will come from locals who know exactly where to go to get away from all the tourists. Join the locals for probably the best beach experience in the area.

Hire a boat

If you hire a boat, it allows you to get away from the crowds and explore the coastline for secluded beaches where you can enjoy some solitude. Lately, there has been an increase in boat bookings in smaller towns and locations in the U.S. outside of the main tourist destinations.


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