How Catered Meals in Office Contribute to Employee Bonding

The office brings together people of diverse character and backgrounds to work together as a unit. In this situation, compatibility can be a challenge and productivity compromised. One way to foster bonding in the office is over a common meal such as office lunches together.

Offering catered meals in the office can help bring employees together in a heightened synergy for increased productivity. So, what are the benefits of catered meals in the office?

Social interaction

Human beings crave social interaction to experience a sense of belonging and to feel safe within a community. Employees in such a setting are enthusiastic in their work, help each other out, and work with dedication. They work as a family with loyalty and the organization benefits from increased productivity.

An office lunch program can help bring employees together over meals and allow for mingling and bonding. It does not have to be lunch only – throw in breakfast for employees to look forward to every morning. Get it right by using a professional office catering service provider to plan it for you. Cater Cow has the expertise, experience, and curate a great variety of restaurants and caterers to help you run a satisfying meal program.

Better collaboration

Familiarity does not always breed contempt like the adage claims. On the contrary, it can foster collaboration. You want to work with someone you are familiar with, a person you connect with easily. Cross-department collaboration most times faces challenges because the staff treats those from other departments as strangers.

The solution is to bring employees together in social interaction to break the departmental walls. Office catering can help you out in this endeavor by organizing buffet meals to create social gatherings over the table. Leverage the ambiance over the breakfast or lunch table to hold impromptu meetings and have employees mingle.

Productive meetings

Why not plan your meetings over breakfast first thing in the morning and see just how vibrant they turn out? Early morning meetings can be drab and dreary as workers are still adjusting to the office mode. Remove the stiffness by serving a hot meal to rejuvenate workers' attention and participation in the office meetings.

Ask the catering service to set up breakfast or lunch in the conference room for the meeting team and help them settle in. Discussions held over meals are free of formality and elicit valuable bold and uncensored contributions.

Increased loyalty

Who wants to leave friends and a company that’s so caring? Eating together creates connections and fosters long-term friendships alongside a sense of belonging. It is no longer a workplace. It is family and that includes the employer. Offering healthy meals will earn you this loyalty and the net effect is reduced employee turnover.

Turn your staff meal program into a healthy eating campaign. Work with professional people who know food, to curate healthy meals for your office program. A healthy, happy, and satisfied team will stay longer and work harder for higher productivity.

Working breaks

Going out for lunch breaks in public restaurants or quick takeaway fast foods may not encourage a communal sit-down. Office colleagues are likely to go separate ways to their favorite eateries and return each to their desk. These breaks suspend workflow and eat into productive time as employees settle in.

However, having your meal down the hallway with familiar faces around you is a stress reliever. The caterer will deliver your meal box with your name on it just to ensure you get what you ordered. Sitting down together over lunch can also encourage further work-related brainstorming and turn the mealtime into a working break.


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