Ideas for Spending a Great Lonely Time with Your Spouse on a Lake

Spending a great lonely time on the lake is one of the most romantic things you can ever think of. The nights away from home and hanging out together in the cool breeze helps you build a strong relationship. It refreshes your mind and body.

If you plan to spend time alone with your spouse on a lake, you need to take time and plan. There are a lot of camping ideas for couples, especially around lakes, and they include.

Choose the right shelter

Whenever you are looking for a perfect place to spend your vacation with your spouse on a lake, where you plan to sleep should highly be considered. It can either be a tent, yurt or RV. Gull Lake Beach Vacation Rentals is one of the best places where you can spend time together in simple houses. During the summer, this place is warm, offering conducive to enjoying the warm breeze from Brainerd Lakes.

On the other hand, the winters are snowy, freezing and windy. Ensure that you book a vacation rental with an outdoor fire pit and enjoy the snowy bonfire. You can decorate the inside of the house with lights and use a plethora of pillows for easy cuddles.


Canoeing is one of the most romantic ways to spend lonely time with your spouse on a lake. Rent out a boat or buy a personal one and charter out for a fishing expedition with each other into the deep waters.

Being on the top of the water is romantic, but having an extra activity you engage in makes it more exciting. There is a lot of excitement with the little that you can catch while you are in the deep areas of the water. If possible, you can help each other catch as many fish as possible. This will create a strong bond with each.

Pack your favorite camping food

Spending time with your spouse should offer the best feeling ever. In this case, your favorite food plays a massive role in creating strong feelings of excitement. Packing your favorite camping food is a better option than just buying from local retailers where you are camping.

If possible, you can keep it safe and cold using a cooler with wheels to quickly move it from your RV to the camping spot. Chocolate, grapes, olives, and strawberries are some of the romance-inspired foods you can pack. It feels nice to make breakfast for each other, especially outside the tent with fresh air from the lakeside.

Enjoy a campfire by the lake

The relaxing sound of rippling water by the lake can help reduce stress and calm when enjoying the campfire. If possible, carry a guitar or any other musical instrument that you can play for your spouse as you want the warm glow.

It’s a perfect way to connect and share your teenager memories. Ensure that you ask for a love seat where the two of you can sit by the great lake. Rather than carrying metals for the marshmallows, you can find actual sticks from the nearby forest.

Take a hike around the shores

One of the greatest things you should consider when deciding to spend time with your spouse on a lake is the surroundings. Are there paths, significant woodlands and mountain-like landscapes that the two of you can walk through?

Walking through these paths, hand in hand and helping each other climb steep slopes beside the lake offers a great way to strengthen your bonds. You can pick wildflowers from the nearby bushes along the trails and gift each other. But you have to keep the rules of the area in mind.


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