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We have a little extra sauce for you this week. Stick around for an impromptu performance from Little Teeth at the bottom of the page, after Nick's blog.

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My experience with Little Teeth cannot easily be described within the restraints of the english language. If I had to attempt to sum it up, all that comes to mind is cluster f*@#k. I say that with the upmost respect and admiration. The three San Fran gems that make up Little Teeth are quite possibly the strangest musicians I have come across in a very long time. I do not even know how to justifiably discuss their music. Everything they did was so... raw.

While watching Little Teeth perform, I felt like I was apart of the music. It truly was an experience that overcame my entire body. The noises coming from the stage evoked feelings that I never thought possible from an outside source. Strange is an understatement: foreign, bizarre, beautiful, disgusting, vulgar and enlightening might be close to an accurate synopsis. Just from witnessing Little Teeth set up their instruments, way too many to count, I could tell I was in for a crazy adventure. Sean's drum set was a combination of your standard drum kit and a make shift ensemble of pots and pans. Ever since I was little I would bang on pots and pans, this got me so stoked for their performance.

During their set, the drummer, Sean, actually left the stage with a small bells kit. He ventured back behind the audience to perform. Little Teeth had completely encompassed the entire crowd. Looking around, I could tell that people did not know what to think. Some seemed excited, others, a bit awkward. Either way, it drew some sort of emotion from every person in the venue.

For their final song, all three members of Little Teeth ventured out on to the floor of the Replay to perform an a cappella song. As they sang, growled, howled and hummed, the crowd crept in closer and closer. The mass nearly swallowed the performers leaving only a small ring of space around the trio. Chills were ravaging my body. It would be hard for me to imagine other people in the room not feeling the same shivers of excitement and nerves. Little Teeth dug up feelings and emotions that I did not ever conceive possible. I urge each and every one of you to brave the storm and experience, not listen to, Little Teeth. Love it or hate it, there is no denying its power.



chewyfally 12 years, 3 months ago

Whoa! That is one energetic trio. "Crazy adventure" is right!

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