The Heard - Ra Ra Riot

The Heard - Ra Ra Riot from qbf productions on Vimeo.

If your circle of friends is anything like mine, you guys are passing the colds around like a game of rotten hot potato. Sometimes there is nothing like a nice hearty bowl of soup to warm up those innards and punch that cold in the face (even if the effects are only temporary). Why does soup always make you feel better? Is it just the warmth? Perhaps the variety of ingredients and flavors? If I had to speculate, its probably the nostalgic value. My mom always made me soup when I was a sick little boy. Now the people who truly care about me bring me soup when I'm a bit under the weather. Soup is the universal food that says, "here taste this, now get better". I'm rambling a bit, but I guess the point is that soup is often prepared with emotion and experience. Just something to keep in mind. So many things go into a simple bowl of soup.

While talking with Wes and Allie from Ra Ra Riot they mentioned that the Vietnamese soup, pho, was getting them through their little sicknesses on tour. I thought I misheard her when Allie said "fa", I had no idea what she was talking about without a bit more explanation. Needless to say, I felt a bit uncultured. Within minutes of meeting Wes and Allie I immediately noticed their well spoken and sophisticated natures. As we got into our conversation, I discovered that they all met each other while studying at Syracuse in New York, where their studies ranged from music to physics to architecture - and I can totally see that in their music.

At first glance on stage, Ra Ra Riot is quite intimidating. The ensemble of six members wielding a wide array of instruments create a sound that fills every empty and occupied space in a room. The Granada could have been vacant and the sound coming from the stage alone would have fooled me. Along with the different stylistic approaches of Ra Ra Riot comes many different types of fans. It is always refreshing to see genres overlapping.

Despite the almost overwhelming vibe of intelligence I got from the band, they were extremely grounded and humble. The fact that they enjoy things like street hockey and candy on tour reminded me, yet again, that tour musicians are still human beings. So many people view performers as nothing more than just that: a show. These kids are just trying to make a living while sharing their music with the world. It is a brilliant concept and I'm pretty envious. Let's be honest, the American economic system is not in a good spot. Now a days even a college degree doesn't ensure you a job. Ra Ra Riot has repurposed their collegiate skills into an entrepreneurial and musical medium. Every aspect of a musicians life has an effect on their song writing. In my eyes, Ra Ra Riot is a prime example of a collective that stirs a little bit of everything into their work. Regardless of what you think about Ra Ra Riots music, it is prepared with more than just instruments. Those six kids from Syracuse just want to share some musical life-soup with you. Maybe give it a taste, feel better.

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