The Heard - Matt and Kim

The Heard - Matt and Kim from qbf productions on Vimeo.

Sometimes I wish I was a master of onomatopoeia. The melody to Matt and Kim’s song, “Daylight” has been stuck in my head for weeks. Unfortunately, I cannot share it with you at this moment.  Perhaps if I studied up on some old Batman episodes I can achieve a sufficient grasp on onomatopoeia to do so. Since we are on the subject…


Matt and Kim are an explosion of smiles. I cannot stress enough just how joyful these wonderful people are. Even more importantly, it is contagious.

I was rather nervous, being invited on to the tour bus to do the interview. Since the moment I stepped on the bus, I felt a strong sense of comfort. It really was like visiting Matt and Kim’s home. Clues of the dynamic duo’s lifestyle were strewn about the cabin. Chips, candy and cookies? Yeah, I was going to get along with these two quite well. As introductions began, I realized that this band just might be the definition of music that is a direct expression of personal beliefs.

(Note: said allegations have been confirmed.)

To be quite honest, I haven’t been on many tour buses. If they all are as homey as Matt and Kim’s, I’d like to start making a habit of it. We discussed all sorts of aspects of their tour life. My favorite has to be the discussion of their ideal superpowers. For some reason I just knew that Matt and Kim had thought about this before. Next favorite part: Brownies! Matt and Kim were kind enough to share some homemade brownies that I think might still be stuck in my throat. By no means am I complaining.

The crew and I ventured into the Granada for Matt and Kim’s set, brownie still lodged in my esophagus. It was packed; kids were so stoked on Matt and Kim. With dance music already blazing, Matt and Kim made their entrance and the real party began. The pure energy in the room was unreal, not a frown in the building. Due to excessive energy levels, both Matt and Kim could not resist jumping atop their respective instruments multiple times throughout the set. Each song proved to be, with an additive quality, even more enjoyable than the last.  (This is the exact opposite of how I feel about classes with accumulative finals.) Between songs, Matt and Kim added yet another dimension to their already stunning performance; personality. Matt had a story for everything, all of which increased the span of my smile just a bit more. The party never stopped. At one point, the duo played a cover of an ODB song that may or may not promote safe sex; I assure you, it was done in good taste. Kim even danced on top of the crowd, also done in good taste.  Everyone held her ankles as she traveled above the mass of kids, proving that no plastic bubble is necessary to do so, sorry Wayne (not Bruce). Matt and Kim truly are super heroes in their own right. They can do no wrong on stage. They create more than a show, generating an entire atmosphere that encompasses every person in the room.

Smile. That is what it all comes down to. If you are having trouble grasping this concept, consider picking up a Matt and Kim album.


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