The Heard - HotChaCha

Ohio is for… Hotchacha. I am at a loss of words. The interview with Hotchacha was out of this world incredible. From the moment we met up to talk, there was nothing but pure personality. Those four girls make me smile just thinking about how much they love life, and what they get to do on a day to day basis. True passion may be a fleeting idea, but after a serious game of pool and an hour long interview/conversation with HotChaCha, a bit of my faith in the human race has been restored.

The crew and I met up with Hotchacha at Harbour Lights. The girls grabbed a drink and then proved that they are unstoppable at Erotic Photo Hunt. Then, all of Hotchacha challenged me to game of pool, 4 v 1. It was a tough tag team effort, but I emerged victorious, of course. Once I was finished rubbing it in their faces, we sat down to handle business for real. Great stories, group hugs, free Jimmy Johns, drinking beer out of straws, and way too many jokes. Everything was so comfortable; aside from the occasional awkward, yet welcome, inappropriate joke from the girls.

As great as the interview was, the real treat did not come until later that night, when Hotchacha took the stage. Even before the first note, it was obvious that there was a force to be reckoned with in the Replay. The four girls have such a strong presence even while not playing their instruments. They aren’t just there to look adorable; a strong command of their instruments was obvious. Not a single member in Hotchacha knows the meaning of the word timid. Beginning with the backbone of all bands, the drummer, Roseanna pushed the intensity; mixing driving tom parts with “you cannot stand still” dance beats. The other half of the rhythm section, bassist, Heather held down often dirty and in your face bass lines, complementing the amazing crescendos that were being achieved by the entire band. On top of the strong rhythmic foundation, guitarist Mandy, played catchy riffs based heavily in reverb and delay pedals as she swayed and jumped around. I absolutely love when she takes a lead part and jumps up an octave.

But the stand-out performer was right where she belonged; Jovana should release a work out video based on Hotchacha’s set. There is no limit to how far this front woman will go for the sake of performance - I think she spent more time dancing through the crowd than she did on stage. As the set came to a close, Jovana ended up doubled over on the floor in front of the stage, surrounded by the audience. It is a shame that not every musician loves what they do as much as this band. I will never get tired of watching someone play who gets entirely lost in the music.

Since Hotchacha left Kansas, I have been missing them ever so dearly. However, I recently acquired a copy of their newest EP, Fantastic Static. It's been in constant rotation since then. With a stage presence so demanding of attention, it is tough for a band to release a studio recording that encompasses that same emotion. Maybe it is due to the fact that I spent some quality time with the band, but I can hear, see, smell and even taste the raw power on Fantastic Static. Not to mention that the vinyl comes in multiple different marble presses and the sleeves are all recycled. If you are looking for a “girl band” that defies the stereo types of “girl bands” check out Hotchacha’s EP, Fantastic Static, available on Exit Stencil. At least get a laugh or two by following them at  and

Stay tuned to the Heard for Little Teeth, a brilliant San Francisco band that cannot be described in words (at least with my vocabulary) and the dynamic duo, Matt and Kim.

A E I O U nothing, Nicholas

Editor's note: Roseanna Safos' name is spelled wrong in the beginning of the vid; sorry Roseanna, I used your myspace to spell check!! Argh! Hope you see you guys soon :)

Love and Sunshine,



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