The Heard - Portugal. The Man

Begin inner monologue:

"What....? Where I am? Why...? Who? ...huh? All these people seem to be in a trance, accompanied by the occasional outburst or scream. It's hazy, there are lasers everywhere. The sounds are angry, gorgeous, sorrowful, joyous and frightening. Each one of my senses is being bombarded by some sort of powerful force. I know I should be terrified, but for some reason, I am drawn to this magnetic energy. Who are these creatures in the fog? I am at their mercy. I am a fan."


If someone were to suddenly wake up in the middle of a Portugal. The Man set, they might think the world is ending, or at least aliens had come to take over the planet. Pretty much, it would be just like "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Hopefully Keanu would be no where to be found, because that would only add to the terror.

Portugal. The Man is one of those bands that if anyone were to ask what kind of music they play, you would have to write an essay in-order to provide an accurate description. Their music has such a dynamic range that leaps from one genre to the next. However, Portugal's music never forgets where it came from, and no one can tell where it is going. It is only fitting that Portugal's live show was equally as dynamic. For having such a small crew, they have one of the most incredible light shows I have ever seen. The combination of lasers, flood lights, and fog creates a visual onslaught that perfectly compliments the auditory experience of Portugal. The Man.

During the interview, we discussed how Portugal's newest album, "American Ghetto", managed to somehow not leak until very close to its release. If you are not impressed, you should be. Keeping an album under wraps in the digital download age is nearly impossible. Perhaps "American Ghetto" was so well kept because it was protected by lasers. Everyone should at least listen to a little, well a lot, of Portugal. The Man. Just make sure not to download it illegally or they will shoot you with their lasers.



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