That whole Lost finale thing...

Since the show's pilot, then the most expensive in network history, Lost has been a constant source of dramatic expectations and emotional payouts. And because the show's creators have admittedly not always known where the series was going, Lost has been frustrating on more than one occasion.

Despite all of the unexplained moments (Walt's prominence in early seasons/The three-toed statue) and botched moments (Libby's death), Lost is the most ambitious show on television –- not the best mind you, but definitely the most ambitious. How else could you classify a show that began with a plane crash and has now arrived at a fundamental battle between good and evil? (Other than lazy writing, if you got fed up with the show early.)


The Season six finale finds the central characters in a similar position to all of the previous season finales. That is, separated and fragmented. The key difference here being that they are separated across timelines, rather than just spatial distance.

The show may be ending, but that doesn't mean story is going to get any more narrow in the moments leading up to the finale. I was really hoping for some more answers, maybe a clear-cut objective or endgame for alterna-Desmond or an explanation into how the island can be destroyed, but like Allison Janney's character said in the excellent pseudo-origin story, "Across The Sea," every answer leads to another question.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead...if you're not caught up to the pre-finale episode

Here's what we know: Jack has volunteered to replace Jacob as the island's protector. Smocke not only wants to leave the island, but now wants to use Desmond to destroy it.

Meanwhile in Bizzaro World, Desmond, who has been not only aware of the sideways timeline, but can apparently show it to people through direct intervention, has positioned himself with all of the core candidates. He has arranged for all of them to attend Pierre Chang's benefit at a museum. Bizzaro-Hurley also seems to be onboard with Desmond's plan, though we never saw his epiphany moment take place.

The death toll up to this point: Last episode, Smocke killed Zoe and Ben killed Widmore. They join Jin, Sun, Sayid, Juliet, Ilana, Bram and pretty much all of The Others and Widmore's support crew as characters who died horrible deaths this season.

My two cents: Jack has been the heir apparent to protect the island all along, first in his role as a reluctant leader after the crash and then as a broken man once he and the rest of The Oceanic Six actually escaped. Whether he will end up being the protector or a last-minute plot twist will change that, is unknown — but as it stands, it's a good choice, dramatically speaking.

In Bizzarro World, the character's don't actually seem that unhappy, just bored. It's really telling that the horrible fate they have to suffer is being normal. Locke is with his fiance and resolved about his handicap. Jack has a son. Kate still sucks.

What the finale needs to do to be considered a success: I won't ask for something as ridiculous as closure, though it would be nice. But one thing the show has always done right is create character-defining moments.

Remember how amazing it was when Boone died and Locke pounded on The Hatch in the rain until the light came on? Or when Charlie did one last thankless noble deed by scrawling "Not Penny's boat" on his hand? Or when Jack told Kate they had to go back? Or when Sawyer knelt in the rain with a gun to his head while his friends watched helplessly? These are the moments people will always remember when they think of the show and while this season's had a few of them, the finale needs to create that sense of urgency and poignancy for the show as whole.

And while that may be asking a lot for a two-and-a-half hour network drama, I and the legions of fans have given six years of our lives to this show. We've endured smoke monsters, body doubles, ghosts, Dharma sharks, criticism from Battlestar Galactica elitists, obvious errors in continuity and a pair of creators that have openly admitted they had no idea where the show was going on multiple occasions.

In other words, we fucking deserve it.

Predictions: On the island, Smocke, Ben and Jack will both try to get to Desmond for different reasons. Richard Alpert will make a dramatic appearance to sacrifice himself and save the day. Smocke will kill Kate because she's not a candidate. Hurley will survive, Sawyer won't.

In Bizzaro World, all of the candidates will attend the party and the timelines will merge. Alterna-Sawyer will have that Dutch date with Juliet she foreshadowed in the season six premiere. Those who watch the Jimmy Kimmel Aloha to Lost episode will be shocked to learn that despite more than a decade on television, Kimmel still has no personality.

Mandatory viral video: Let's get this over with.


smerdyakov 12 years, 10 months ago

More than anything, I'm hoping for no closure in the grand scheme of things — but definitely some resolution/answers regarding the story line. I'm fine with a few red herrings — the four-toed statue, Walt, etc — but a character like Juliette (esp relating to Hurley's trajectory) really needs to be addressed. If they don't, it would be as disappointing an end as if they all find out they're simply in some sorta purgatory.

Nice commentary on the Bizarro world being shitty bc of being boring/normal more than anything — hadn't thought of it that way, but you're totally right. In the grand search for meaning, a world where contentedness reigns could be hell or heaven, depending on your perspective. Which would be a fitting wrap for that storyline.

My predictions Kate plays an important role in the final moments. As a non-candidate who has been told as much, she's either a much more willing martyr or a much more likely saboteur when the shit hits the fan.

I've evidently lost track of Claire, but I trust she will play a crucial role, too. Perhaps her kiddo as well. Her relationship with Jack /has/ to play out somehow.

From the beginning, I've thought Hurley (along with Locke) were going to be the critical pieces to the puzzle. I still think Hurley will be a game-changer at some point. I guess Locke was, too, but that's in the past — unless something jacked happens in the finale.

Sawyer's too filled with hate and suspicion to end well—he will likely assist Smocke down the line.

I think Alpert's gone for good. I'm fine with how that ended. Ultimately, just a Pawn. Maybe a Rook at best.

As for Desmond, I think his storyline will end up being something of a King — opposite fucks like Widmore. (To me, Widmore is right there in league with Smocke.) He and his girlfriend (wife?) will conquer all. Love conquers all, still, right?

And disagreeable as he is, Linus' heart is ultimately in league with Desmond, Jacob, Jack, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Sayid, and many of the others that have died — I'm still hoping for an appearance in the finale by Eko. Probably a stretch tho. Linus, surely, will be critical. I tend to think he will see the light near the end and help Jack save the island — maybe dying in the process and taking Smocke with him.

I tend to think Smocke will get taken out in some grand, memorable way by all else that's resented the island — maybe getting sucked back into the light/magneto force. Regardless he's not leaving the island.

This just occurred to me — but perhaps it will be solely Jack and Sawyer who remain to take Jacob and his bro's place. All others will die without leaving, and the stage will be set for a Lost 2. Eh...?

Megan Green Stuke 12 years, 10 months ago

I had the same thought about the Jack/Sawyer continuation...

Trevan 12 years, 10 months ago

That's actually not a bad theory about Jack and Sawyer, as they both have a love/hate relationship like Jacob and the man in black. Here's another thought: Now that Jack's the new Jacob, he's probably bound by the same rules, in other words, he can't directly kill the man in black ... but Sawyer can.

Maybe he'll factor into the protection of the island.

Also, the way Jacob eludes to his struggle only ending once, maybe there will be a definitive conclusion.

smerdyakov 12 years, 10 months ago

Geesh—that was more than a little disappointing. I was hopeful that it was going to be badass until about the 1/2-left-to-go mark. And then everything was just glossed over with the laying on of hands, as if that resolves anything. Booo.

I request a take two.

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