Man on the Street - Volume 1

Disclaimer: The following nonsense was written by an complete idiot, namely, me. If you're offended by the saltiest of language, empty threats, ironic xenophobia, third-grade innuendo, brilliant prose or hilarious poop jokes, this blog isn't the place for you. To check out older posts about the World Cup, visit the original version of my blog here.

The opening game has come and gone, but I'll save my thoughts on that for later today. If you're twisting in the wind between the MEX vs SA and FRA vs URU matches, know that you're not alone.

In case you're not aware, I have a few friends who are in South Africa right now. Over the course of the World Cup, they will be sending me updates from the front lines that I will be posting on here for the internet's general consumption.

This morning, I received the first of said updates. I'm not gonna post it on this site, as there are maybe one too many references to the Holocaust. For example:

"so we go to the mall to get tickets thinking we only need the credit card that was used to purchase them to receive them. oh boy was that theory about to break the glass windows of our psyche and pack our confidence into boxcars like sardines."

For more useful information/offensive analogy, check out the full text here.



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